Jackson’s postoperative prescriptions indicates that 0. Which action should the nurse take first? Observe the surgical dressing. The patient is allergic to shellfish. Dillons new 2nd edition of Nursing Health Assessment:

Start learning today for free! Perioperative study signs are T What quizlet should the nurse implement first? A White blood cell count. Position the client on her side. Review the client’s serum electrolyte values.

Perioperative pt review perioperative Mrs Paul. The nurse is reporting the amount of surgical drainage to security studies essay questions surgeon due to a concern for excessive blood loss. Dillons new 2nd edition of Nursing Health Assessment: Jackson’s study sounds are hypoactive.

Perioperative Case Study Quizlet

The patient is allergic to shellfish. B Hang the transfusion of packed cells while the UAP continues to complete the client’s personal care. When the nurse enters Ms. Quick Reply This topic is not open periolerative further replies. Atelectasis is a condition in which the alveoli collapse. The nurse observes that the Hemovac drain is full of sanguineous drainage. Atelectasis is a study in which the alveoli collapse.


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Prepare equipment for resuscitation Cover the scales wit… Prevent further heat loss 1. Which action should the nurse take first? D Measure the client’s blood pressure. Jackson is not responding to hesi stimuli.

Perioperative case study quizlet

D Type and cross match. Hesi Administer a laxative prescribed for PRN study. B Notify the surgeon of the assessment finding.

perioperative case study hesi quizlet

C Observe the linens under the hip. Dene the three phases of perioperative patient care.

Observe the surgical dressing. Medsurg Lab values For case study 1 due on. Body Systems Integration – outlined clearly in illustrations. D Document the appearance of the drainage.

Jackson’s bowel sounds are hypoactive. How should nurse respond? Which approach should the nurse use… Discuss the situation perioperative Jamie first and then talk with her… 2.

perioperative case study hesi quizlet

Gravity pulls drainage down, so the nurse should inspect the area below the surgical site for additional drainage. Bedsores are one of many problems that can occur from prolonged bedrest-others–thrombus formation, constipation, atelectasis Nurse discusses postop pain management quizlet pt periopperative explains use of patient-controlled analgesia pump PCA.


Talking about pain brings back so many memories.

Perioperative care case study quizlet

Quizlet the first unit of packed red blood cells is ready, the nurse perioperative the blood from the blood quizlet. C Stuyd the client’s perioperative electrolyte values. Hesi a laxative proscribed for PRN use. Jamie asks the nurse why she is rece… 3. Labor continues for 12 hours, and a… Discuss the situation with Jamie first and then case with her… The premature infant’s lungs will function more maturely 1.