To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: My tutor was very good and responded quickly if we post work on the TGF, but I would have preferred more students from my group to use it. I do wish my forum had been more lively – because it was so quiet it was difficult to find material for TMA3. January 29, at 3: No ideas at that point for that one. Rufus walked over to the sideboard and slid open the right hand glass pane. Find your personal contacts including your tutor and student support team:.

This was a very enjoyable course which allowed the chance to be truly creative within both open and closed tasks. I do wish my forum had been more lively – because it was so quiet it was difficult to find material for TMA3. My email is above. But it would be interesting to look at the statistics for lengths of novels to see if there have been more novellas. I made the condemned man into a more complex character and created the character of the prison chaplain to give a view point which could move in and out of the prison. The OU has, quite rightly, very strong rules about plagiarism and say they take a tough line if anyone is discovered copying the work of others.

Which books inspired you as a child, and why?

Rufus walked over to the sideboard and slid open the right hand glass pane. Been looking for cheap-ish Adobe Illustrator courses.

I galloped straight into the ECA miles b4 it needed to be in and then spent two months… ummm… reading books. But I left it too late to cancel, and turned up at the dentist feeling quite nervous. Our Skills for OU study website has further information including computing skills for study, computer security, acquiring a computer and Microsoft software offers for students.


Crreative detailed description on the preferred presentation styles adganced have been useful and it would have been nice to get proper feedback on the EMA, rather than just a pass mark. So anyone trying to pass my writing off as theirs is taking quite a chance. Feedback was always honest and helpful rather than crushingly negative.

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My subconscious mind has not been cavorting while I was asleep, but stumbling about weakly, worrying about the day job. Leave a comment Filed under Uncategorized Tagged as AAadvanced creative writinganthologycreative writingopen universityshort stories.

Although the experience of the ECA proposal, extract, revise and final version may mirror what happens in the “real” world, I do feel that the course should, instead, have concentrated on sharpening writing skills by more xreative on writing in general, rather than giving the students what amounts to a very expensive “valuable life lesson”.

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See, for instance, the case of the recent French novel involving a Scarlett Johansson double — http: Probably for the hundredth time since the police had called on him, Rufus stared at the sliding glass panes in the top of the old walnut sideboard which had stood along the wall opposite his chair since he had moved in. Many aspects of the learning experience appear to be working well.

They judge your ability to please them. Three years of OU modules, from book-keeping to maths, science to astronomy, music technology to creative writing in various guises.

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This page describes the module that will start in October I have loved every minute of it. Teaching will also be via an online forum. Since then I have studied setting, character development and writing from different points of view.


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Each assessment carries a different weighting eg. August 2, at 9: Thought I might occasionally post some of my A and A work here. It is not just the rhythm and the sound of the letters, but also the musical note.

He always gave timely feedback and was always there with a quick response if needed. crextive

ou advanced creative writing a363

You are viewing information for England. One thing I must work out before the next course starts, is how to set up an index on this blog. Emma Cdeative Robson Course starting: At that point I was starting to plan for a633 final TMA — a short story developed for a magazine to match their submission requirements — I decided on a story about a Spanish Armada survivor.

He took a deep sniff of the contents.

ou advanced creative writing a363

writkng The most daunting thing for me was the critique aspect of the course but the other students on the forum were great, and I felt more confident presenting more experimental writing for critique. I will be undertaking this course at the end of this year and it was nice to get an insight into what I will be studying as I go along so thanks freative documenting it.

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