Sell images Our Blog. I really want to work this out with my solider. As I am sitting down to write this, it occurred to me that I probably should have written it as soon as I came home from each graduation rather than waiting more than a year. The Black Cow the atmosphere is not fancy but the food is high quality. Seating There is no assigned seating for families, but there will be plenty of it. You can purchase pictures and recordings from them after the ceremony they will usually have a trailer and advertising at the ceremony site.

They are on the main post — look for the jump towers. There is no assigned seating for families, but there will be plenty of it. He is at Ft. He recently just had a two day pass to leave off post and report back by 8pm both nights. There are also plenty of little eateries, coffeeshops, and shops.

A speaker from London Region UCU brings a message of solidarity to the protest by outsourced workers, including cleaners, security officers, receptionists, porters and gardeners who keep the university running smoothly outside University of London Vice Chancellor Sir Adrian Smith’s graduation dinner, calling on the university to employ them directly, for an end to zero hours contracts and to implement promised pay rises.


Kayla Parker April 9,6: Home is a good word for it. Iron Bank Coffee Co.

Army Graduation Ceremonies

Remember that the day is about them. His graduation ceremony is on the 2nd. Plan on blowing most of a day. While there is no limit to the number of guests who can attend, just remember that gradyation driver will need to be able to get through the military access points the gates.

August 12, No Comments. Again, thanks for stopping by! The soldiers march from all the way across the field and you can hear them speecn cadences lol!!! Columbus was the last frontier town of the 13 colonies! Notify me of new comments via email.

Graduation Speech, Infantry OSUT, Fort Benning, Hooah! –

The southern hospitality here can be very real. Nor is there a receiving line or a formal process of dismissal. They were released for the weekend after graduation.

osut graduation speech

Find all posts by Gunbunny It was a fun post to write and the memories just kind of flowed. They then went through some ceremonial spedch — saluting, about face, saying the creed, etc.

osut graduation speech

The graduation starts at Learn how your comment data is processed. However if August 6 is his report date to the recruiters, there will be a few days added in for travel and in-processing. Find all posts by cwatson Even though I osuy got a lot of questions you answers a lot of them. Nor is there a receiving line or a formal process of dismissal.


osut graduation speech

Best wishes to you both! But give them an extra ounce of understanding and expect the entire day to be a whirlwind for them. Some have a hour pass before they leave for their AIT training.

Please enter your password Forgotten your password? The Post I love how organized Fort Benning is. We just wanted to see what was inside.

Find all posts by MSG Glenn. Send a private message to Gunbunny Besides those two exceptions though, there is no other break or time off that a soldier in training will have to visit with their families. Remember that your soldier might not have had the opportunity to contact them all himself, so you can help him out by doing that for him.

Earlier Greenert spoke as the guest speaker at an Officer Candidate School OCS graduation ceremony and also administered the oath of office to 85 officer candidates of the graduating class.