Predicting outcome in acute organophosphorus poisoning with a poison severity score or the Glasgow coma scale. Pearson correlation test was used to prove the significance between the lag time of starting of PAM and duration of mechanical ventilation. Acute organopshophorous poisoning in Srilanka. Observation and treatment of acute complications during the hemodialysis. The incidence of poisoning was highest during summers and the mortality was The results of this study revealed the following:

Treatment of Organophosphate Poisoning. Clinical observation of case with multiple organ dysfunction syndrome MODS caused by acute organophosphorus poisoning. Initial management of all patients with pralidoxime PAM and atropine were done as per the recommended dosage schedule. Meanwhile, organic pesticide has a strong lipid solubility, which leads to central respiratory failure through blood—brain barrier. Atropine was subsequently replaced by glycopyrolate, the dose of which was progressively decreased. The aim of the study was to study the outcomes and predictors of mortality in patients with acute OP poisoning requiring mechanical ventilation.

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Abu Nadeem Department of Anaesthesiology, J. In this article, we report the retrospective analysis of patients with severe OP insecticide poisoning organophosphorsu a tertiary care hospital in Northern India.

Nil Conflict of Interest: Abu Nadeem Department of Anaesthesiology, J. The fatal issue is often related to a delay in diagnosis or an organophsophorus management. This retrospective analysis revealed that OP poisoning was predominantly suicidal, affecting males, aged less than 40 years. Please review our privacy policy. All the patients were then shifted to the ICU for further management.


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PAM in the dose of 1 g IV infusion over a period of hrs was continued until fasciculations disappeared or skeletal muscle weakness was relieved. The duration of mechanical ventilation increased with the increase in lag time. Along with these, delay in presentation from remote villages further deteriorates the clinical condition of the patient.

organophosphorus poisoning thesis

Guide China Med National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. The amount of poison was Furthermore, regular drugs are unable to effectively eliminate inflammatory medium formed in the poisoning process, metabolites caused by organ damage or organophosphorus pesticide in the body.

Data were analyzed using SPSS There was a positive and linear correlation between lag time and mechanical ventilation. Mortality rate was Observation and treatment of acute complications during the hemodialysis. Patients in the control group received routine emergency treatment, including gastrolavage, catharsis, rehydration, maintenance of water-electrolyte balance, and anti-infection treatment.

Similar trend was also observed by Safdar et al. Patients develop vascular spasm and tissue hypoxia and ischemia induced by a large amount of ACh, which result in the release of a large number of inflammatory mediators, and leads to multiple organ dysfunction syndrome and microcirculation disorder.

These patients probably developed lung complications due to prolonged mechanical ventilation. Though each predictor age, lag time, severity of poisoning and duration of ventilation is associated with mortality, death due to OP poisoning results from overlapping contribution of these factors.


Hereafter, organophksphorus dose was halved day by day. Severity of poisoning was graded using modified Dreisbach’s classification [ Appendix 1 ]. Footnotes Source of Support: General information The treatment group comprised 34 patients, including 18 male and 16 female patients.

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Multivariate binary logistic regression analysis with death as the dependent variable and age, lag time to PAM therapy, severity organophosphorue poisoning and duration of ventilation as the covariates. The oral use of organophosphorus pesticides results in the inhibition of cholinesterase activity and the aggregation of a large number of acetylcholine AChcausing clinical syndrome induced by failure after cholinergic nerve cord excitation.

Count data were evaluated using Chi-square test. It should be administered as soon as possible to prevent ageing and promote adequate reactivation of red cell acetylcholinesterase. Pearson correlation test was used to prove the significance between the lag time of starting of PAM and duration of mechanical ventilation. Hemodialysis technique can fully eliminate poisons with small molecular weight, low lipid solubility, and bonding rate with proteins depending on diffusion and ultrafiltration effects.

organophosphorus poisoning thesis

Treatment of Organophosphate Poisoning.