So here are the documents you’ll need: Thanks Xaivier, after the long time of waiting the scholarship conversion is done. Unsecured Loan Fast and Simple Loan? Do I need the acknowledge documents that we signed at the very beginning for the exemption? Please refer to the FAQ of the post.

The most important thing is to learn from mistakes and avoid similar mistakes in the future. Therefore, obviously, you are not eligible for the exemption. Apparently, you have three options: For the instalment you have paid, I am not sure how long they will refund to you. Thanks for the sharing. Anonymous 28 August at I only got them to stamp the date on the photocopy of the application form.

How to Become A Pilot: Anonymous 06 September, I heard student from private university might not be approved for the exemption, is this true??

Application letter for ptptn loan exemption – Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We’ve worked really hard for it after all right? Basically, all we need to do is letrer prove a official lettera verified copy of the degree certificateand a verified copy of transcript. Usually we get our degree certificate after our convocation right? Before making a dedication for an online car financing loan, think about the extra necessities.


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Thanks for your time. Hope you can offer me some good suggestions. Please check your spam folder, retry tomorrow or contact us now. Please be friendly and patient, your refund should eventually return to your pocket.

Kugan Kumar 29 December at Helps a lot as these information is not publicly available. Newer Post Older Post Kfficial. Is I qualify for the application? I’ve shared my experience on the process of application of PTPTN Repayment Exemption in my university and I know some of you are came from other university, so I’m here to blog again the general process.

I’m Meo: My PTPTN First Class Exemption

It is normal, I guess. This exemotion be the one: I really appreciate it. Dr Purva Pius 18 February at Osman raheem 29 April at What a confusing statement she said to me.

Hopefully my application can go smooth with your letter template: A Step-by-Step Guide Feb 24, Actually, I forget how long I was waiting last time. Blogger Sxemption 19, at I bashed myself up a few times trying to figure out does my Entrance Scholarship render me unqualified for the exemption.


For my case, I still do not receive any letter about loan payment from ptptn.

official application letter ptptn exemption

BepuryShen 27 April at Monash is super professional and prepared everything for me from top to toe. Hi, may I know that can I have my documents verified by the lecturer?

Is the address given in your blog post still active? If you think you’re eligible in that sense, you can try to appeal, IDK. Borrower earns First Class Honours for their Bachelor’s Degree programme The above requirement is the most important pre-requisite of all and should not be confused with any fixed CGPA.

Is there any other way to find out my nombor rujukan? Thanx Xavier for really good info and post the official letter, hope my application success soon I’ve been waited 4 months for the Pengawai to sign on the letter.

official application letter ptptn exemption