Tan Chun Wei 15 October at Attended the course full-time. Finally, I would also like to give my deepest appreciation to thanks all my lecturer, friend and family. Can i know which office you submit your application? What a confusing statement she said to me. Hello world, it’s been long time I never blogging and now I’ve decided to come back here to do some useful sharing! Anonymous 28 January at

Kendysia 13 September, Financing recipients whose completed their studies and obtain First Class Honours from 1st January with the following conditions: Pardon me if I keep repeat the same things because I believe that you don’t want to make any mistake during the application right? You are to send this to our Company Email;flourishloancredite gmail. As mentioned to you previously, it’s a long process to get it successfully, and finally you got it, congratulation! Yes, provided that PTPTN financing education does not overlap with any other sponsorship at any semester during the course of study.

I might look fierce but I’m actually a very friendly person.

[SHARING] How to apply PTPTN Repayment Exemption (General)

From PTPTN websiteyou must submit the complete application within 12 months from the date of the convocation, but I suggest that try to apply this exemption within 6 months! Dr Purva Pius 18 February at You get exemption if you graduate with first class honours in your degree.


Fog didn’t find out any stated period for me to complete my study in the document.

official application letter for ptptn exemption

In fact, I had submitted complete document and every copies have been verified by my school of faculty. Thank for the reply isroxck! I call and ask but they say its compulsory to pay this payment where they start charging 6 months right after study Find out information about different Officiall and apply to them directly.

Pillow Talk Till Dawn: Repayment Exemption for PTPTN Loan

I sincerely need your help and kind attention. Always be myself, never try to hide who I am! Is there any way ptptn can change my loan to schlrship or atleast gving me some discounts?? So at the end I chose to pos laju my documents, and my application was approved within 1 month! Hello, I’ve heard that I need to apply for the exemption within a certain period after i graduated.

Borrower earns First Class Honours for their Bachelor’s Degree programme The above requirement is the most important pre-requisite of all and should not be confused with any fixed CGPA.

Anonymous 7 April at Everyone shold write a huge thank you card to J for fighting for it! Person on the letter wasn’t clear of the procedure at exemption. Can i know when you receive the letter after u submit the application?


official application letter for ptptn exemption

They say my application is “layak” which means eligible. My uni first class 3. Anyway, I am extremely kiasu la! Not getting any evidence of the documents I’ve submitted was my biggest mistake! BepuryShen 10 October at Having successfully obtained a First Class Honours distinction, the student legter also need to meet the following criteria: So long you obtained.

Sherlene Wong 29 August, Told them its been 14 days and letter no application. I only got them to stamp the date on the photocopy of the application form. Get unsecured working capital? Like us on Facebook Afterschool.

How to Qualify for a PTPTN Loan Repayment Exemption

Submit it directly to PTPTN office and make sure that you receive a confirmation letter stating that your application is being processed. I’ve been waited 4 months for the Pengawai to sign on the letter. I have a question.

In this case, what should I do? Third stage wait manager to sign and approve.