Please click here for the approved list of calculators. The seminar is offered by the Library; to view the schedule and to register, please see https: Office of Academic Services will send all examiners’ reports to student through the School upon receipt of reports from all examiners. J an 1 st week for Dissertations started in Jul. However, students can perform their own plagiarism check before submitting the thesis to their superivsor. It is suggested that PhD students to present to TAC to get feedback and suggestions before drafting their confirmation report and final thesis.

Students must submit this form , together with the supporting documents to MAE Graduate Office through their supervisors. With effect from 22 Feb 13, please use the new system to apply for leave as required for greater efficiency: It is suggested that PhD students to present to TAC to get feedback and suggestions before drafting their confirmation report and final thesis. Please submit hard bound copy to the supervisor if the submission has been requested by the supervisor. For re-examination, examiners are normally given 2 weeks.

You are required to submit the following documents to your Supervisor and Dissertation Co-ordinator within six months.

Students reading for a higher degree by research pursue an independent but supervised research in an approved field of advanced study, at the end of which a thesis is submitted for examination. With effect from AY, all full-time students will be liable for the Thesia Service Fee until the conferment of their degree.

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Minimally one week allowance for supervisor’s endorsement is advised. Student will have to re-submit the revised thesis for plagiarism check again. Please attach the completed project schedule form and supporting documents to your letter of request for conversion. Guideline plan for meeting the July convocation.


ntu mae thesis submission

Students admitted before AY are required to pay an examination fee when they submit their thesis, unless the examination fee is covered under the terms of the research scholarship and the thesis is submitted within the nut scholarship period. Students are required to submit the thesis in a form ready and acceptable for examination before the expiry of their maximum candidature. Candidates to select their proposed supervisor in the system so that their applications will go to the respective faculty member for ssubmission.

Have not submitted thesis. Liable for tuition fees for entire Semester 1 or Semester 2 respectively. For example, if you request to convert from full-time to part-time candidature with effect from 30 June 12, your letter of request duly supported by supervisor must reach Assistant Chair Graduate Studies by 1 June Please use only calculators that appear in the approved list. In addition to being examined on the thesis, jtu student for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy must pass an tbesis examination on the subject matter of the thesis and other related subjects.

The following are the statements to be included in all thesis:.

School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

You will then be required to submit one hard-bound copy of your Dissertation after the final amendment to MAE Graduate office. For medical leave, compassionate leave and in-camp training, please attach relevant supporting documents to your applications. Students are required to go into the GSLink to submit the thesis. Students will be informed the outcome by Submiszion Studies Office.

However, students can perform their own plagiarism check before submitting the thesis to their superivsor. The date on which the supervisor endorses the thesis to be in an acceptable form for examination shall be the date to determine the student’s liability of tuition fees.


Students must ensure that the total hours required under the GAP are completed before thesis submission. For re-examination, examiners are normally given 2 weeks.

ntu mae thesis submission

To expedite the nomination of examiners for PhD thesis examination, students can initiate the process by notifying their supervisor 3 months before they are expected to submit their thesis for examination through the following steps:.

In general, a PhD thesis requires at subission three independent examiners and a Master’s thesis requires two independent examiners. This seminar can be counted as one of the seminar requirements.

Seminar Attendance Record Form. Information Literacy Seminar is compulsory for all first-year postgraduate research students August batch onwards. Students who meet any ONE of the criteria listed in the attached list can be exempted from the English proficiency course.

NTU scholarships can be renewed annually subject to good progress and performance, attainment of required CGPA and the recommendation of the School. For annual renewal of scholarships, the onus is on the students to submit the relevant documents and reports to their supervisors, and subsequently to Ms Nurshida Bte Sappuan for processing. Graduate Programmes by Research. If in doubt, please consult your supervisor.

The thesis must be preceded by the following in the order given, all of which must be bound with the thesis: They do not apply to PhD students admitted prior to Aug 12 intake.