The emphasis should be made on detailed aspects including fundamentals of different specialties of dental subjects taught and common problems of health and disease including greater details and areas of specification. Ecstasy dissertation These specialists ensure. Current concepts in the management of craniofacial anomalies. Wound management – Wound healing, factors influencing healing, basic surgical techniques, Properties of suture materials, appropriate use of sutures. Crevicular fluid updated – Cimason Fusce eleifend massa ut diam pretium ac tincidunt metus tempus.

Two — day P. These regulations are applicable to the students who are admitted to the MDS course from the academic year – onwards. General Pharmacology – Introduction, routes of drug administration. There are optional subjects in applied basic sciences a. Medical emergencies – Prevention and management of altered consciousness, hyper sensitivity reaction, chest discomfort, respiratory difficulty. Paper – I, II, III shall consist of two long questions carrying 20 marks each and five short essay questions each carrying 7 marks. Endodontic Practice — Grossman

Microbial infections of oral cavity.

Non- neoplastic disorders of salivary glands. Management of non-carious lesion. Paper I, II and III shall consist of two long questions carrying 20 marks each and 5 short essay theesis carrying 7 marks each.


For Pedagogy a topic is given to each candidate in the beginning of clinical examination. Be competent to treat dental diseases which are occurring in child patient. To bring in more integration among various specialities, interdepartmental meetings are recommended, chaired by the Dean, with all heads of post graduate departments, at least once a month.


Neoplasms — classifications of tumors, characteristics of benign and malignant tumors, spread of tumors. Submission of the topic and synopsis for the University dissertation according to the guidelines of the Dr. Traumatic reactive lesions of oral cavity.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2014

Diseases on Paranasal sinuses and TMJ. Dissertation guidelines ntruhs pg Dissertation guidelines ntruhs pg dissertation 40 hours review short essay on urban planning youth essay in third person words. Mixed dentition analysis — 1 case. Appliance for arch development such as molar distalization – 5 cases. However strict division of subject may not be possible and some overlapping of topics is inevitable. Body fluid, lymph, lymph gland, spleen and reticulo – endothelial system.

Approach Postings to clinical pathology for relevant training. Viva-Voce Examination It shall aim at assessing the depth of knowledge, reasoning, confidence and oral communication skills. Hormones and mechanism of action, regulation and disorders of secretion. Autocoids and Related Drugs – Histamine and antihistaminics. T and ward rounds, preparation of synopses and its submission within the six months after admission to the university as per calendar of events.


Questions on recent advances may be asked in any or all the papers.


Urban and rural life essay in urdu today. It includes all components of course contents. Laboratory investigations including special investigations of oral and oro-facial diseases. Seminars The seminars shall be held at least twice a week in each postgraduate department.

ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines

Archive Guidelines for writing the PG dissertation. Requirements, types alveoloplasty, tuberosity reduction, mylohyoid ridge reduction, genial reduction, removal of exostosis, vestibuloplasty.

Chronology of dental development and development of occlusion. Cast metal restorations, indications, contraindications, tooth preparation for class 2 inlay, onlay, full crown restorations.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2014

Facial pain and neuromuscular disorders including TMJ disorders. Biochemistry such as osmotic pressure, electrolytic dissociation, oxidation, 2104 etc. Neuronal organization at spinal cord level. Dental specialists like the other health professionals are confronted with many ethical problems. Child Development — Santrock Basic spot welding exercises 7. Clinical Pedodontics — Sydney B.