Primary lesions and secondary lesions. Model Checklists are given in this section. Cementum — composition, cementogenesis, structure, function, clinical consideration. Medical emergencies in Dental Practice – malamed Every student selected for admission to a postgraduate dental course in any of the dental institutions in the country, shall possess recognized BDS degree or equivalent qualification and should have obtained registration with any of the State Dental Councils or should obtain the same within one month from the date of his admission failing which the admission of the candidate shall be cancelled.

Retention and relapse – Mechanotherapy – special reference to stability of results with various procedures – Post retention analysis. Endodontic radiology — digital technology in Endodontic practice. Distribution of topics for each paper will be as follows: There are optional subjects in applied basic sciences a. Handling of equipments like vacuum forming appliances and hydro solder etc First Year: Be competent to treat dental diseases which are occurring in child patient. Pre Clinical work on natural teeth 1.

The completed dissertation should be submitted six months before the final examination. Willingness to share the knowledge and clinical experience with professional colleagues.


ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines

Cleft Lip Craniofacial Journal Oral microbiology affecting hard and soft tissues. Minor Oral surgical Exercises: Text book of Clinical Cariology — Thylstrup and Fejerskov Radiation safety and protection. Basic Soldering Exercise — Making of a lamp post of stainless steel wire pieces of different gauges soldered on either side of heavy gauge main post.

Biology of the Periodontal Connective Tissues —P.

Ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines

Journal of Indian Dental Association Teaching experience gained in medical college will not be accepted for PG dental teaching. Autonomic nervous system Sympathetic and Parasympathetic.

Regressive alterations of teeth. Competence in the evaluation of management of patients for Anaesthesia. Similarly the candidates shall also acquire adequate knowledge in other subjects related to their respective specialty.

Teaching Skills All the trainees shall be encouraged to take part in undergraduate teaching programmes either in the form of lectures or group discussions. Evaluation of a patient with head injury, examination of various neurosurgical procedures.

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Guidelines for writing the PG dissertation. Fixed appliance typhodont exercises. International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry 5. All the teaching faculty should be full time. Concept of essential drugs and rational use of drugs.


Child management in Dentistry – Wright Inter institutional postings such as cancer hospital, dermatology clinics, regional HIV detection centers, sophisticated instrumentation centers for electron microscopy and other techniques. Respiration – Control of ventilation anoxia, asphyxia, artificial respiration – Hypoxia – types xissertation management 5.

ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines

To treat both surgically and medically or by other means of the oral and Maxillofacial and the related area. Instill a positive attitude and behavior in children 3. Describe periodontal hazards due to estrogenic causes and deleterious habits and its prevention.

ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines

Communication skills with patients – understanding clarity in communication, compassionate explanations and giving emotional support at the time of suffering and bereavement. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and antipyretic-analgesics.


Journal of Clinical Orthodontics Bacterial, Viral and Fungal. Anticholininergic drugs and drugs acting on autonomic ganglia. Recent advances in restorative materials and procedures. Approach Postings to clinical pathology for relevant training.