Finish your application early, and be ready to submit it early as well! The latter is basically an extended personal statement. If you become a semi-finalist, you will be contacted to take an interview with a local volunteer. The vast majority of finalists get their first choice, but the second choice is still possible. What you don’t want to do is this:

But I highly suggest you do anyway. Questions about the interview, what do when accepted, OPI, packing, etc will be answered in separate posts closer to when they will be the most applicable. The best advice I could give for the interview is to be or at least appear very confident, well-mannered, intelligent, personable, sociable and flexible. By personal experience, I can say that it might not necessarily be true. While the interview does play an important role in the steps to becoming a finalist, the written application will be reevaluated by other application readers as well. Keep nagging them about it.

Or third if you wish. I would say that when you put down a second choice, you should ask yourself: I talked about how I first became interested in learning Arabic when I discovered the linguistic connections between Arabic and the Romance languages two of which I have been studying at schooland how this fascination led me to learn how to read the Arabic script.

Can I Go Home on an Aeroplane? When I finished my rough drafts I had my English teacher review it for grammar and flow and all that.


nsli-y essay tips

I am sure you did just fine! I would really like to get some tips from an alumni. The main thing the reader is looking at when you submit your general application are you essays.

My Tips for the NSLI-Y Application and My Application Timeline

But there is likely an overlap between the reasons you want to be a part of the program and the reasons every other applicant has. This gets the point across without being excessive.

I am glad this helped! Finalist notifications for summer programs come out first, on a rolling basis. My mom was welcomed in to the entire session, and was asked a few questions as jsli-y.

NSLI-Y Application Tips | ペラペラ・パス

I talked about an experience I had volunteering at a camp for teenage refugee girls, where I had to help an Afghan girl with a writing assignment. Congratulations you semi-finalist you!

Seriously have someone act as your interviewer so you can practice saying your answers out loud, too! There are three essays you will write: You are commenting using your Twitter account. I can attest to the importance of every quality mentioned above.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Catch me crying and calling my mom in the bathroom of my office. A good essay has the capability to make you stand out. You are commenting using your WordPress.


Nsi-y, if you are a semi-finalist, go you! Since the focus is on YOU, a great way to approach this is to think of it as a verbal self-portrait painting. Her first preference is Arabic and second is Arabic.

nsli-y essay tips

You want to stand out from the other semi-finalist, and in this case, it might call for some humble bragging. So what are your hobbies? The third essay offers the most room for creativity. Email required Address never esaay public. There was an obvious discrepancy between the person I am and the person that was portrayed in my essays. Thank you so much! Very informative for the new appliers.

Alternates heard about their official status by May 16th. Your interviewer will ask you questions from a list in front of them and proceed to jot down notes on your responses. That being said, if tipps choose to join the chat, it is in your best interest to sometimes disregard it.