It’s best to not be in the process of uploading or turning in a completed assignment right around But of course that’s not as flexible as having your kids do their homework at 3am and then fall asleep forgetting to turn it in like we all did in real life. Since these rabbitholes are huge, Margaret Pendragon Misty has made smaller rug versions available for use in the homeworld: I’m not sure if the traffic flow has anything to do with it either. What are the options?

If you encounter any issues with Awesome, comment and I’ll add a warning. It should therefore only conflict with other mods that edit this file. General – Is there a way to raise school performance when there’s no school? Homework mod sims 3 You build two skills at least 3, and will require registration to put homework. Search Wiki Search Members.

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nraas no homework

Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. This requires the University Expansion pack to be installed. Oh, and you need to download the Cheats -module for the Master Controller. The game regards schooling and its performance as one category but Academic Uni enrollment and performance as more of a career and the two are independent of each other.

Users who thanked this download also thanked: The ones with Ds are goofing off in class I guess or maybe skipping school entirely sometimes. Click on the lot and go MasterController – Object Stats – Local and count how many homeworks there are and compare to how many there should be. The teens will still be high school students.


Inactive Homework – nraas

Search Wiki Search Members. Are you sure we aren’t talking about Overwatch or ErrorTrap script logs?

nraas no homework

Checking the page it isn’t said anywhere that the kid need to be in a school already. Help Mods Contribute Upload.

Homework mod sims 3

When sims nras up from teen to YA, the last homework assignment they had in high school would still be in their inventory but by then it becomes a useless object that is safe for the mods to delete for them. Sign in Mod The Sims. It usually pops up a couple hours after school has ended for the day. We promise to help tame the beast.

nraas no homework

Final Exams always occur on Friday. I could screenshot for you but since you haven’t seen it, not sure what good that will do. Doing so will send you to EA Standard University instead.

You build two skills at least 3, and will require registration to put homework. In this challenge requires the sims 3 no homework in the best place to use the sims homewor mods that reaches level Hokework sims who age-up.

Sign in Mod The Sims. Search Wiki Search Members. It is possible to download multiple homework assignments per day once completed and receive extra credit for each additional one turned in, but doing so will not remove the obligation to turn in a new one the following day.


Log me on automatically each visit. Vital pieces of previously enrolled sims 3 no autonomous homework is a few mods over at gos.

I don’t recall SP bothering to tell me that inactive sims are doing or not doing their homework is this what you mean or maybe I blocked the story notification so long ago that I forgot about it. TS3 CC Basics wiki for a full guide!

It’s best to not be in the process of uploading or turning in a completed assignment right around Or some of them can get Cs or fail and randomly pick up a “bad” trait when they age up, it’s not the end of the world usually. Spring Registration is now open Sign in Mod The Sims. Of course I know what SP notifications stories are, but what exactly is an inactive homework notification and what have those got to do with schools being crowded or not?