Make a model based upon simple machines. Learn five good Shlokas in Sanskrit based on life values. Calculate the area of each part by counting complete squares and half squares. What are X, Y and C? Please formal How are you?

Bonjour ca va bien, merci! Try to make a triangle, a square and a rectangle using 3 pieces of the tangram set. Wishing all of you a very enjoyable and fun-packed summer break. Amazing facts about life in Polar regions 2. Les festivals de France Preparez un projet Ecrivez 10 lignes pour chaque festival au maximum 5 2. The Young Visitors — Daisy Ashford.

Draw the map showing the route from Rohini Metro station to your school.

nk bagrodia school holiday homework

Which is the correct answer? Read the following stories from The Best of O Henry – 1.

Holiday Homework for Classes I-V() « N K Bagrodia Public School, Rohini, Delhi

To be done in grammar notebook. Pratiquez la comprehension ecrite et production ecrite au maximum 5. Draw the map in your project file.

nk bagrodia school holiday homework

To make this website work, hoomework log user data and share it with processors. Start display at page:. Find out about rare and interesting facts about various celestial bodies. Revise the work done in class 3.


Work done will be according to the topic given roll no. Wishing all of you a very yoliday and fun-packed summer break. Do cursive handwriting from MCB in separate single lined notebook at least Prepare a one minute presentation on the character of your choice.

Prepare for FA2 assessment in July. K Rowling s famous book of Harry Potter series.

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Sunil got 6 as answer whereas Raman got it as 7. The homework needs to be done in the French notebook Q1. Write a short summary of the story and name the main characters Choose 10 interesting adjectives from the book and find their dictionary meanings Make interesting sentences using the 10 words Present your work jomework 2.

Participation of disaster management organizations earthquake, Hotel, Cyclone, Tsunami.

nk bagrodia school holiday homework

Amazing facts about desert plants Roll No: Amazing facts about desert animals Roll No: Draw a pictorial representation of any poem of your choice from the list of following poets. Natural Disaster-Wrath of God.

Amazing facts about human body Roll No: You can use waste materials to make your model innovative and effective.

Read any one of J.

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Amazing facts about life in Polar regions 2. Paste square paper on the cut outs as illustrated below.


For roll numbers- Make 3 D model showing different phases scgool moon. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

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Bonjour ca va bien, merci! Conduct a survey on 25 people and enquire about their likings of three different flavours of ice-cream vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. The Wind in the Willows — Kenneth Graham.

bagroida Atleast 20 hints across and down to be given in the puzzle whose answers will have to be filled in it. We wish that you enjoy every minute of this long break with your family and friends.