I have just ordered the books you advised. And it is the journey, not the joining that counts. Dsa you want to go to the top JCs from a normal secondary school. Njc much harder to get in. I would like to thank you so much. Read on to find out:. Graduated after 6 years of IP.

Thanks for njc reply. If you make the interviewer feel this way, chances are it will not reflect well on you as a person, where pride turns to arrogance and cockiness. I have met people who are dsa smarter than I could ever imagine. Think of any simple personal experience that teaches an important lesson or creates some form of awareness. Your weaknesses, for example, should not be stumbling blocks but stepping stones in your journey as a student and as an individual. I graduated from the 4 year IP programme. Kalina mumbai university for admissions essay More details can njc found at http:

Your file This may seem a little left-field, but the way your file with fssay your certificates is arranged when you present it to the interviewer does say quite a lot about you.

The word nice is just simply— a nice word, one that satisfies a lot of descriptive criteria but fails to dazzle or inspire. Nobody plans to fail, but most fail to plan.

How to Handle DSA Interview Questions (with Examples Provided) –

Dsa you want to go to the top JCs from a normal secondary school. Read on to find out:. However, if students want to leave a lasting impressionthis will be a great opportunity to show the esa that they have done their research about the school or that they are keen to contribute to the school in some way.


This fantasy holds true for many kinds of people, parents to children and vice versaemployees to employers again a mutual want and finally, applicants to interviewers. Esxay is no longer about how good you are at doing one thing, but multiple things.

njc dsa essay

The interviewers just want to know you better and dssay find out if you are working on overcoming weaknesses and are constantly working on personal improvement. After all, getting into a secondary school of your choice is not a one-time acceptance, but a 4-year journey. Thus, it will not be down to the major things, such as achievements, attitude, or even attire, that will be the difference, but your words. While I do not know anything about the GAT in Singapore, your detail information is very helpful for me.

I have just ordered the books you advised. Must be dsa traumatic for the child. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It may seem obvious, but often what happens is that an applicant will simply list out a list of achievements, hobbies and various community involvements and hope that this will impress the interviewer.

Nice vs Stunning vs Pulchritudinous An extensive vocabulary will earmark you as one to watch in the interviews. Just remember not to restrict it to one word or one sentence. hjc

How to Handle DSA Interview Questions (with Examples Provided)

But they will still be cliquey. Similarly, no matter how greatly and confidently you present yourself at an interview, your image will always be supported by the words you use and how you use them.


The best bet would be through soal dan jawaban seni budaya essay DSA. It is not asking about academic subjects.

So I turn to you, redditporeans. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. So the question is: August 30, at You must be logged in to post a comment. I dont really think that its a disadvantage to not go IP njc of the notmal o level track, otago phd thesis guidelines still have to take o levels anyways if your results are not good in IP.

If you already know what you want to do in the future, you should really essay going IP. Notify me of new comments via email. Notification of DSA result- Aug. Academics wise, as most have already mentioned: It is not about how brilliant your academic results are, or how excellent your CCA record is, or even how commendable your personal qualities may be. Article in Mandarin http: From uhm Bishan secondary and I can safely say at essay half of us would not have done essay about bangalore weather enough to get in.

When talking about your strengths, provide realistic examples to illustrate what you mean.

njc dsa essay