His father has forgotten his reason and is trying everything he can think of in an effort to save his wife. Retrieved from ” https: This is used to provide data on traffic to our website, all personally identifyable data is anonymized. Unless you are signed in to a HubPages account, all personally identifiable information is anonymized. A sense of otherworldliness is created by the beliefs and practices of these peasants in comparison to the world in which the reader is existing, a barrier is put up.

Literary Devices – Night Of The Scorpion Alliteration – stung by a scorpion, Parting with his poison, diabolic tail in the dark, risked the rain, poison purfiy, through and through, poured a little paraffin, flame feeding. Poems by Nissim Ezekiel: He even poured a little paraffin upon the bitten toe and put a match to it. The speaker describes each peasant as wearing a face that is peaceful with understanding. Names and ages are not divulged, suffice to say that the observations are keen and precise, so the reader can only conclude that this speaker has an exceptional eye for detail. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. This is used to identify particular browsers or devices when the access the service, and is used for security reasons.

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Night Of The Scorpion I remember the night my mother was stung by a scorpion. And all the while the speaker is there, soaking up the atmosphere, articulating, trying to make sense of ritual and rite, behaviour and reaction.

The fourth stanza contains seven lines and describes the hunt that easay peasants embark on in an effort to find the scorpion.

night of the scorpion essay by nissim ezekiel

For all that time she was unable to utter a word, capable only of groans, until the pain subsided and thhe relief she felt gave her the power to sum her experience up: My mother only said Thank God the scorpion picked on me And spared my children. A truly painful and horrific death. The villagers begin searching for the scorpion because they believe that the poison spreads across the body with the movement noght scorpion so if the latter is stopped and paralysed, the poison effect can also be controlled.


They tried to provide reasons and many relied on superstition to guess what the problem was. Some articles have Google Maps embedded in ezekiell.

These references to older medicinal practices put distance between the reader and the speaker, especially in the final line of the seventh stanza in which a.

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Ten hours of steady rain had driven him to crawl beneath a sack of rice. We may use conversion tracking pixels from advertising networks such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook in order to identify when an advertisement has successfully resulted in the desired action, such as signing up for the HubPages Service or publishing an article on the HubPages Service. She suffers for twenty hours while peasants, holy men, and her husband attempt to heal her.

The Night of the Scorpion is a eight stanza poem, each stanza of which contains between three and eighteen lines. It is also implied that they live in a caring, close-knit village by the fact that the neighbours feel welcome at all.

Nissim Ezekiel’s Other Poems. Night of the Scorpion.

Night of the Scorpion by Nissim Ezekiel

We have received your request for getting a sample. With candles and with lanterns throwing giant scorpion shadows on the mud-baked walls they searched for him: Very poor Report Reply.

The peasants are seen as being superstitious and old fashioned, even illiterate, not having moved on in their thinking and culture.

night of the scorpion essay by nissim ezekiel

They believe that she has been inflicted by the Evil One, or the devil, and pray in an effort to drive him out. My father, sceptic, rationalist, trying every curse and blessing, powder, mixture, herb and hybrid. I get moved by the this poem, every time I read it. Night of the Scorpion is a free verse poem with 8 stanzas and a total of 47 lines. This barrier is torn down as the poem concludes and the reader realizes how similar they are to the characters in the poem, united by their common humanity.


My mother only said Thank God the scorpion picked on me And spared my scorplon. Hello this poem is so nice Scorpoon Reply.

night of the scorpion essay by nissim ezekiel

A sense hhe otherworldliness is created by the beliefs and practices of nught peasants in comparison to the world in which the reader is existing, a barrier is put up.

The others assumed that she is going to die and said that the pain that she is suffering from will decrease the troubles in her next birth.

The speaker is displeased by their arrival, comparing them to flies unwanted and irritating as they veritably buzzed around the mother.

Analysis of Poem “Night of the Scorpion” by Nissim Ezekiel

The peasants came like swarms of flies scofpion buzzed the name of God a hundred times to paralyse the Evil One. This image of the scorpion still being in the room only in the form of shadow helps set the scene for the next lines as the peasants struggle to help the mother.

More insects and the eternal rain. A quick succession of stanzas allows for the poem to flow faster.