In the past decade, national honors such as the MacArthur Fellowship, Pulitzer Prize in History, the Guggenheim Fellowship, and election to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences have been accorded to more than a dozen Newcombe Fellows—a number that will continue to grow as more and more Fellows enter the most productive phases of their careers. The requirements for candidacy may vary between institutions and departments—some require a language exam, others do not; some may require a proposal defense, others may not. Every Annual Fund gift matters and makes a big difference in the lives of our current Fellows. Back to Program Page. Since the first round of competition in , more than 1, Newcombe Fellows have been named. Letters of Recommendation A.

Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship is a dissertation completion fellowship, intended for the final year of dissertation writing. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships are designed to encourage original and significant study of ethical or religious values in all fields of the humanities and social sciences, and particularly to help Ph. For example, if you are in a classics department, decide whether your particular project should be read as art history, early world history, philosophy, or world literature. Generic or outdated letters do not typically strengthen an application. Every Annual Fund gift matters and makes a big difference in the lives of our current Fellows.

If a recommender declines your request to provide a recommendation, you will be notified by email.

The two faculty members may be from your own institution completkon department or a different institution or department. In addition to topics in religious studies or in ethics philosophical or religiousdissertations appropriate to the Newcombe Fellowship competition newcoombe explore the ethical implications of foreign policy, the values influencing political decisions, the moral codes of other cultures, and religious or ethical issues reflected in history or literature.


Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship. Read More Carl J. Be candidates for Ph. Every Annual Fund gift matters and makes a big difference in the lives of our current Fellows.

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An applicant is not eligible for a second year because there is only one year that is the year of completion. Every Annual Fund gift matters and makes a big difference in the lives of our current Fellows.

newcombe dissertation completion fellowship

See other Newcombe Fellows. What if my recommender declines my request to submit a letter of recommendation? Apply Now Returning User? Candidates working on D.

Since the first round of competition inmore than 1, Newcombe Fellows have been named. History, literature, religion, philosophy and anthropology have been the most-represented fields of study. Send Us Updates Fellows: Prepare the proposal document, which includes the cover sheet, abstract, proposal, bibliography, timetableand C.

newcombe dissertation completion fellowship

Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship be held concurrently felllowship other smaller, local awards? Newcombe Foundation provides partner institutions with scholarship funding through four programs: Term of the award Chosen Fellows will serve the tenure of the Fellowship from September 1, August 31, Close Every Annual Fund gift matters and makes a big difference in the lives of our current Fellows. Newcombe Scholarships for Students with Disabilities support completion of degrees by students with disabilities who need financial assistance at selected colleges and universities.


The Fellowship is open to doctoral candidateswhich means that a doctoral student fellowshiip fulfilled all of the institutional and departmental criteria prior to writing the dissertation. Fellows from the early years of the program are now senior faculty members at major research universities and selective liberal arts colleges, curators and directors at significant scholarly archives, and leaders and policymakers at nonprofit organizations and in cabinet-level government agencies.

Newcombe, who died in Have all pre-dissertation requirements fulfilled by the application deadline, including approval of the dissertation proposal.

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What materials are required for a completed application? Give today, our fiscal year closes on June Go to the application site.

Students should note that the Newcombe Foundation only mewcombe grants to universities, colleges, and one major foundation partner; these organizations select recipients and distribute Newcombe awards. Independent scholar; a historian of anatomy; patient advocate for individuals with a range of birth anomalies i.

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Apply Now Returning User? Let us hear from you. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship be held concurrently with other dissertation completion fellowships?

Can the Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundationa private foundation created under the will of Philadelphia philanthropist Mrs. You should ask the person who is directing your dissertation and two additional faculty recommenders.