Below are two stair schemes I put together in SketchUp along with a top view showing the unique tread pattern. Is the toilet in the room or is it in its own room? The NEESWood Capstone project shown in this video was conducted last summer to test the viability of wood framed mid-rise structures. Each scheme took at most 10 minutes to create. How serious a tub are you interested in, soaking, jetted, Japanese? Normally we can create a 3D walk through of a project as an additional architectural service. An ILC is not a boundary survey and is essentially the simplest form of a survey that can be provided for a property.

The City of Denver now requires that all remodels, pop-tops, and new residential projects include what they call a “pin survey” as part of the submittal process. I even used it to fully document some requirements for a local HOA. Sections of this page. We are currently working on a very unique custom home in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains which has some unique requirements. The NEESWood Capstone project tested a seven story mixed use building consisting of a steel framed commercial retail main level and six stories of wood framed residential units.

Here at EVstudio we use a number of different software packages to design and document our work.

Seismic Testing of a Mid-Rise Wood Framed Structure

This test building was constructed in its entirety within the walls of Earth-Defense. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. There are several reasons that a concrete driveway would crack including: The two shown here are the most and least invasive that we arrived at.

Do you want one closet or two? With this current project we have created the entire structural steel system in Revit and with a few mouse clicks are able to create a structural steel walk through.


neeswood capstone project

The hairline cracks could have been controlled by placing additional reinforcement in the top of projech slab or by maintaining a length to width ratio of less than 2 to 1 in the placement of control joints.

This home will be making extensi Space to build new struct Our structural department often uses Bentley products including: As an engineering student I accepted that this proect the adopted standard practice of my trade, but I always wondered how all the design theory I was being fed related to the real world.

This testing facility, called Earth-Defense, was built to its enormous size out of necessity. In Denver the front property corners are typically set with rebar and a plastic cap with the surveyor’s license number and rear corners because they usually fall at the edge or in the alley are set with a 1″ brass neeswooc with the surveyor’s license number on it.

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Below is a short video showing the preliminary structural steel layout only. Is there a television and where is it? In most cases, we can respond to a casptone surveying needs with 24 hours of a request.

neeswood capstone project

This one causes a surprising amount ndeswood discussion, do you want a door to the master bathroom? Can also include easements of record and topography if the client so desires.

I even used it to fully document some requirements for a local HOA. This past weekend a home owner asked me to look at a recently replaced driveway that was already cracking.

After reviewing the location and size of the cracks, it was likely that they were due to concrete shrinkage. Type ‘B’ in Residential Design Please call us at This stair is in a location that is already built and has some very restrictive geometry. Important Requirements for Landscape Architects in Pueblo. The home owner researched several different cont Dobson has spent the last few years focusing on surveys in Jefferson County, Clear Creek County, Gilpin County, as well as the various front range communities and we are extremely excited to have him on our team!!


neeswood capstone project

Although the project h Top View of Custom Stair. Is the toilet in the room or is it in its own room? Below is an exhibit which shows the existing church and parking lot and the proposed lecture hall, retail retail area, and infrastructure improvements: Type ‘B’ in Residential Design Please call us at How serious a tub are you interested in, soaking, jetted, Japanese?

Hundreds of gauges were installed throughout the Capstone structure to test the forces actually experienced during an earthquake.

The test building was constructed with many proprietary wood and steel projevt along with new NEESWood construction methodologies, all of which being beyond the scope of this article.

Do you want the master closet to be accessed through the master bedroom or would you prefer as I do to access it through the master bath?

This saves time and money, both of which are passed on to our clients!