Glenn Robbins grobbins ncs-nj. Burnet , Elbert S. A novel approach to nursing leadership in community health. The dominant model in this set of interventions emphasized the training of health professionals to effectively deliver culturally specific messages and culturally tailored programs. Several caveats limit our ability to generalize from this literature review.

In doing so, we note that race is multidimensional and includes aspects such as appearance, self-identity, and culture. For only, CMS allows you to submit a minimum amount of data to avoid a penalty. It also should be noted that none of the studies actually addressed the extent to which the cultural aspects of these interventions brought about the improvements in care, apart from the general mechanisms of quality improvement or public health strategies inherent in the interventions. First, health care organizations and public health entities should continue to actively engage communities of color in developing solutions to the problem of health disparities. An outreach program was developed specifically for Native American women that included individualized education, distribution of culturally specific materials, culturally specific professional education, and train-the-trainer seminars. Beyond these exclusion criteria, we chose to include a wide range of study designs. Our Basic Skills Instruction and Special Education programs address specific needs using the most effective plan developed in concert with the district child study team and aligned with Title One requirements.

Smokers were randomized to 1 health care provider intervention, 2 health care provider intervention with tailored print communication, or 3 health care provider intervention with tailored print communication and telephone counseling, with the goal of increasing rates of smoking cessation. Diet intervention among African Americans that incorporated culturally specific recipes, exercise, and familial support.

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Confronting racial and ethnic disparities in health care. Briscoe and Pichert Freeman, Muth, and Kerner Building a sense of purpose in preadolescent African American girls: Furthermore, the vetting and publication of such manuscripts introduce a substantial time lag; we acvess excluded ongoing studies and studies that have been evaluated but not yet reported. The dance of life: Physician-focused disparity education has often emphasized cultural competence training and demonstrated modest improvements in knowledge and attitudes Beach et al.


HIV-positive women in acess group had improved sexual risk reduction, but not in a statistically significantly manner.

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Intervention tested the effectiveness of a PN in increasing compliance with colorectal cancer screening in a community of color health setting using community and ethnically matched patient. We also included those that used cultural signals to develop yomework within specific ethnic groups.

Abstract The authors reviewed interventions using cultural hojework to narrow racial disparities in health care. Lay health workers hold a key. In addition, a growing body of federal and state laws, regulations, and standards seeks to guarantee that health systems respond to these diverse linguistic and cultural needs by becoming culturally competent U.

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Trend toward improvement was found in asthma-related knowledge, self-efficacy, self-regulation adherence to pharmacotherapy, decreased frequency of symptoms, and increased prescription of controller medications by physicians. Interventions that emphasized individual behavioral change relied on the expertise of community members to inform their programs.

Our Basic Skills Instruction and Special Education programs address specific needs using the most effective plan developed in concert with the district child study team and aligned with Title One requirements. This theme appeared particularly prevalent in ohmework that focused on prevention.


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Six studies enlisted health professionals, physicians, and nurses who were culturally specific to the targeted racial groups for leadership in their interventions. This may simply reflect that nurse-led interventions are common among public health interventions.

Cultural Leverage: Interventions Using Culture to Narrow Racial Disparities in Health Care

Evaluation of an outreach intervention to promote cervical cancer screening among Cambodian American women. Reduced emergency department visits from a mean of 1. Intervention bridging community and hospital via community honework health educators, education, and relationship building focused on improving breast and cervical cancer screening; executed over 4-year period.

As a group, access interventions were creative in using culture xccess improve the health care of people of color, but they struggled to show significant improvements. The cultural aspects of race may influence each of these potential determinants of disparities in health care.

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Two found improvements in asthma self-management Bonner et al. The effectiveness of a community health worker outreach program nvms healthcare utilization of West Baltimore City Medicaid patients with diabetes, with or without hypertension. Within this group, many described improved understanding of disease or satisfaction with their care, with some showing trends toward improving behaviors. Group interventions with low-income African American women recovering from chemical dependency.

The effects of message framing and ethnic targeting on mammography use among low-income women.