But why, one might ask, would Kermani, a devout Muslim himself, chose to offer a moral or cautionary tale in which the protagonist loses his religion in order to find happiness? What I cannot say in one book is the beginning of the next. The essays, by major scholars in the field, cover issues such as gender, religion, cosmopolitanism, mystical experiences, and the power of the liberal arts in a time of neoliberal distraction. Ayda, a five-year-old kindergartener living in Cologne with her Iranian parents, feels sad and alone as the story opens, in part because she does not have many friends in school or her neighborhood. This scene depicts the collision of two ways of interpreting Islam. Iraq to send delegations to U.

Such a re-centering is necessitated by the changes in immigration patterns resulting from political conflicts and economic crises that have led to an in- crease in Muslim immigration into the EU. Germany and Its Muslims” “Wer sind wir? How does all that fit together? Social media and networks. Dariusch himself is a successful, secular Muslim and a womanizer who enjoys drinking and the nightlife in his established homes in Spain and Germany. New York, Routledge, Wo so viel Intoleranz und Ag- gression ist, kann sich die Gesellschaft nicht positiv entwickeln.

Navid Kermani

Kermani dedicates the book to the memory of Claudia Fenner, an actress who, much like Maike Anfang, died suddenly in the summer of Works by Navid Kermani. In the preface of his book Between Quran and Kafka: He instead makes the case that this social model is not only correct, but is the only practical one, even though it must be better and more actively implemented.

Instead of emphasizing the differences between ethnic affiliations and religious beliefs, Kermani questions the Western notion of a clear dividing line between Islam, Christianity and Judaism, highlighting instead their affinities. This eBook can be cited.


The month of fasting is supposed to be all about reflection, meditation and abstention – but Ramadan is becoming kermxni commercialised. Germany and its Muslims.

Navid Kermani | – Dialogue with the Islamic World

Both are Muslims who struggle to fit in and are in search of meaningful integration into German society. One day, while exploring the neighborhoods of Cologne, she meets a bear and a rabbit, two best friends who are curious to meet a young girl.

The politicisation of Islam scholarship in Europe Muslims under scrutiny This, however, contradicts the reality found in his family as in most other Muslim families in Europe and the Kermaani East, says Kermani.

Nev- ertheless, he still struggles with his identity. Comments easay by readers using fantasy names or intentionally false names will not be published. As a result people were also able to express their sense of helplessness.

Islam is kermabi part of German society and culture today, and, whether or not the project of multiculturalism has failed, it will continue to be important for Muslim writers to explore the diversity of thought and ideas in Islam in order kfrmani create new ways of belonging for all citizens in contemporary German society. With the rise of both immigrant and autochthonous Muslim populations in Europe, the necessity for a re-centering and re-thinking of European identity becomes essential.

The Politics of Urban Destruction. Remember me on this computer. According to Kermani, integration does not mean that all Muslims must kermank like Germans. European-Libyan relations Whom to trust when it comes to Tripoli?

navid kermani essay

Breaking the spell of a poisonous ideology. Born in Germany to Iranian parents, Kermani is that rare writer who is an accomplished scholar, essayist and novelist.


navid kermani essay

They are always very short journeys for which I need to be very well prepared — I may actually be travelling for a mere ten days or two weeks. Enlightenment and commerce Muslims all over the world are currently observing Ramadan.

The Muslim turn in contemporary German writing therefore offers a complexity and diversity of thought that resists reductive conceptions of national and religious identity. Interview with a mixed-faith couple Experiences kermanl a Christian-Muslim marriage.

Bahrain defends decision to host White House Middle East meeting. In submitting this comment, the reader accepts the following terms and conditions: Similarly, when in Iran to visit his cousins, who shared a similar lifestyle, the kerkani observed the cultural fault lines were not between himself and his cousins, but instead between his cousins and ordinary workmen.

(PDF) Navid Kermani: On Neil Young, Lessing and Islam | David Coury –

Beyond forming part of the cultural background of the immigrant experience, this body of liter- ature also presented Islam in the context of separation and potentially libera- tion, whereas the West provided both refuge and escape, but also necessitated a growing nostalgia for the homeland.

The month of fasting is supposed to be all about reflection, meditation and abstention – but Ramadan is becoming increasingly commercialised. Both express their intrigue when first encountering Ayda, as neither has met a human before.

Er bringt keinen Frieden, er erzeugt keinen Respekt, sondern immer nur neuen Terror. Has there been a rash of second-generation European Muslims converting to Scientology or other New Age religious cults?

navid kermani essay