The main focus of this speech is to inform the reader of the two existing kinds of people, those who are morally upright and those who are morally depreciated. After students have time to read Postman’s speech, I ask them a rhetorical question: Smith, the main characters are portrayed as humans fanatical with the desire to fight, and to surpass the each other, which are all Kasemphaibulsuk3 ideas befitting the Visigoths. Reading and Hearing Postman’s Graduation Speech 30 minutes. They even invented what, today, we call the Olympics, and among their values none stood higher than that in all things one should strive for excellence.

We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Do you consider yourself more of an Athenian or a Visigoth? And they wrote and performed plays that, almost three millennia later, still have the power to make audiences laugh and weep. On the other hand, the idea regarding the bad aspect of humans originated from the Visigoth from Germany approximately years ago. While it could be argued that youth is wasted on the young, it is indisputable that commencement addresses are wasted on young graduates. Accessed May 22,

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We will write a custom paper sample on My graduation speech by Neil Postman specifically for you. An Athenian is an idea. Summer Program Reviews College Reviews. They weren’t as devoid of artistic production as we’ve learned. We call them the Visigoths, and you may remember that your sixth or seventh-grade teacher mentioned them. However, in the end their secrets are postma when they are hired to kill each other.

We Need a Hero: Most colleges and universities recognize this fact and schedule the graduation speeches accordingly.

my graduation speech neil postman rhetorical devices

Also, if you have a comment about a particular piece of work on this website, please go to the page where that work is displayed and post a comment on it. Nothing is needed to be said that the majority of people do things for themselves, lack the sense of community, reject tradition, use rude language, work on grotesque art, and learn to win other people or to make money, and create problems to other people for their own power.


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my graduation speech neil postman rhetorical devices

My graduation speech by Neil Postman send By clicking “Send”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. Smith, the main characters are portrayed as humans fanatical with the desire to fight, and to surpass the each other, which are all Kasemphaibulsuk3 ideas befitting the Visigoths.

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In actuality, it was’t one of my favorites. The second group of people lived in the place we now call Germany, and flourished about 1, years ago. They believed in reason.

Because of the masses of women in society today unwilling to accept how they sspeech, these women would settle for watching it being done to the lucky few appearing on the show. Their imagination, art, politics, literature, and language spread all over the world so that, today, it is hardly possible to speak on any subject without repeating what some Athenian said on the matter 2, years ago.

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I think it is appropriate for you to be reminded of them on this day because, sooner than you know, you must align yourself with the poshman of one or neul spirit of the other.


To a Visigoth, there is no measure of artistic excellence except popularity. There was nothing a Visigoth liked better than to burn a book, desecrate a building, or smash a work of art. You gotta be kitten me!

An Essay on Magic. The student responses offer insight into how the students see themselves and into their future plans. Add a personal note. They were spectacularly good horsemen, which is about the only pleasant thing history can say of them.

“My Graduation Speech”: Metaphorically Speaking, Are You an Athenian or a Visigoth

They came very close to inventing what we call science, and one of them—Democritus by name—conceived of the atomic theory of matter 2, years before it occurred to any modern scientist.

As Postman mentioned, Visigoth ideas are predominant in society today, which can be proven through the material found in media today.

What catches the fancy of the multitude is good. There is a direct link between the cultural achievements of Athens and what the faculty at this university is all about. Smith is the story of a husband and a wife who are both assassins.

Smith, which motivates its audience to violence, and in real life of people who appear in news articles in the newspaper. Reading and Hearing Postman’s Graduation Speech. Postman wrote it in the s, and since its publication, historians, sociologists, anthropologist, and material culturalists have learned much about the “Dark Ages”: That is why there are so many more Visigoths than Athenians.