When you change into this directory, you will find all the necessary boiler-plate. The research project’s funding source may also be relevant. In brief, your supervisor and other parties may have a large or small claim on the intellectual property rights relating to work you do as a student. This command will create a directory called metathesis-v2. Accordingly, this document highlights the similarities – and distinctions – between the applications of intellectual property policies to individuals in various categories. L a T e X is available on most Linux distributions via their respective package managers e.

Using a question and answer format, this document provides general guidelines for the conduct of such research. It is therefore important to characterize the terms of engagement of the particular student properly. However, students should be aware that some professors may claim the right of first authorship for themselves. Students have intellectual property rights and rights to protection under the copyright and patent regimes, provided they satisfy the requirements of the law. Other organizations, notably companies, do attach intellectual property claims to their support of University research or of fellowships or scholarships for students. The L a T e X macros in this file are not very sophisticated — feel free to make or suggest improvements. August 25,

mun sgs thesis guidelines

When that occurs, questions can arise regarding its ownership. The resulting PostScript file can be printed using lpr or previewed with the ghostviewggv or evince viewers. If problems still persist, you can seek help from the appropriate associate dean or vice-dean of your Faculty or your Faculty Graduate Affairs office. Where the terms of funding include a grant of rights in resulting intellectual property, all project participants will normally be asked to sign an agreement in which they indicate that they have been made aware of the funding terms and agree to abide by them.

If there are any errors, type ‘X’ and Enter to exit from L a T e Xmake the appropriate changes and then re-run make. Personally identifiable data collected from human subjects are also governed by human subject protocols and privacy legislation, which may place restrictions on your use of the data, including its removal from University premises.


What right does my supervisor have to any discovery or invention I make?

Intellectual Property Guidelines for Graduate Students & Supervisors

The University holds copyright in works created in the course of the student’s employment by the University or which gudielines otherwise commissioned by the University under a written agreement guidelinds the student.

Intellectual property is the product of intellectual or creative activity that can be protected under the law to some extent. I am employed guideliness a research assistant, teaching assistant, or other type of employee of the University. Data from collaborative research projects are an important resource not just for you, but for the entire research team. It all depends on the individual circumstances and the applicable governing law, policy, or convention.

In this case, you should be named as a joint inventor in any patent application. Still other organizations, such as some charitable associations or foundations, or provincial Centres of Excellence e. Copyright protects original literary, musical, dramatic, or artistic works in a variety of forms, including written materials giidelines computer software. The relationship between funding and intellectual property rights depends on a who the funding body is, and b what the terms and conditions of funding are.

mun sgs thesis guidelines

I personally haven’t used L a T e X recently on either of these platforms. After the patent expires, anyone is able to use the invention without a requirement to obtain the former patent owner’s permission. International Postdocs New to Toronto? Who is entitled to claim authorship of creative works that arise in the context of graduate education?

Where the supervisor or someone else jointly owns data or results that have been published, you may incorporate them guidslines your thesis with permission of the other co-owners and you will own copyright in your thesis as a whole.


At the outset, guidelinee must be recognized that considerable variation in practice exists among graduate programs within the University.

mun sgs thesis guidelines

Most of the content currently in these files is just place holder text — replace it with your own content. There are umn forms of legal protection, but the two which are most likely to be relevant in the University environment are copyright and patents.

Sample LaTeX Thesis Template

A student considering publication of his or her own paper also guidlines a responsibility to consider the intellectual property and co-authorship rights of others who may have been involved in the research. This will not remove your. To ascertain which of these conditions apply, you should be aware of which organization guidelinea funding the research you do and what ownership rights the organization has on the results of your work.

To fix this problem, modify the thesis. This page describes how to use the L a T e X metathesis template which can be used as a basis for your thesis. Unlike commerical word processing software, a lot of L a T e X -related software can be legally downloaded and redistributed for free. If you are a graduate student in the professional Master’s programs, you probably do not have a “supervisor”.

If your work was done as part of an ongoing research project, it should be expected kun your results can be used, with appropriate attribution, in furthering the research activities of the supervisor and others working in the same laboratory or research group e. A good reference is L a T huidelines X: The research project’s funding source may also be relevant.

However, research data are considered to be an invention under the University’s Inventions Policy.