See What Everyone is Watching. Name and address of. These approved professional bodies are: No candidate will be allowed to apply to sit for one paper unless the other papers have been previously passed or exempted. Book-keeping and maintenance of financial records. Terminologies, concepts, conventions and purposes of accounting information and its communication.

Faculty of Business More information. Questions in this section shall cover the entire area of the subject syllabus. Contents 1 Exemption and accreditation 3 2 Assessment for exemption 7 3 Exemption accreditation applications 11 4 Appendices 15 2 exemption and accreditation What is exemption accreditation? Revaluation of assets and goodwill on admission, retirement, removal or death of partners. The Institute recognises for this purpose: No candidate will be allowed to apply to sit for one paper unless the other papers have been previously passed or exempted.

Use of suspense accounts.

multidisciplinary case study ican pack

Pathfinder, published after each examination and contains the suggested solutions to the examination questions. Books of prime entry, including journals. Methods of establishing a limited acse company. Personal Details a Full name: Sc Engineering Management B.

Furthermore, the candidate would be required to make an oral presentation before admission. Candidates are allowed to write subjects at two levels but they cannot write more than four subjects at a sitting.

multidisciplinary case study ican pack

Surname Forenames b Any previous name s Date s changed c d e. See What Everyone is Watching.

Nigeria: ICAN Unveils 15 Study Packs

The principal objectives of the District Societies are to avail members the opportunity of extra professional and social activities and assist potential accountants in their endeavour towards membership of the Institute. The liquidation or distribution of the estate of deceased persons is a branch of fiduciary law which requires specialist knowledge and training.


Conversion of partnership to limited liability company. Management Information Systems Chinwe Nora Obaji, has agreed to be the chairman of the occasion to which several other dignitaries including ministers, governors, deputy governors and other top government functionaries, renowned champions of multidieciplinary education in the African continent and members of the academic community have been invited.

This document, together with your Application and More information. Cash book and petty cash books. Legal authenticity remains with the official Norwegian version as published in Norsk Lovtidend.

The users of financial statements, their information requirements, objectives, adequacy and the usefulness of financial statements. Corporate and Business Law 3.

Nigeria: ICAN Unveils 15 Study Packs –

Enquiries should be directed to the Librarian at the Victoria Island Office. Distinction between microeconomics and macroeconomics Nature of economic problems under different types of economic systems Types and resources allocation under different economic systems, particularly the roles of the private sector in production and distribution of goods viz: Commercial Registration Act Act No.

Concepts of total revenue, average revenue and marginal revenue. Overall, this syllabus is student-friendly and will certainly meet the needs of employers of labour whether in the public or private sectors, accounting and consulting firms and training institutions.


multidisciplinary case study ican pack

Sweet and Maxwell Omojola, F. The Study Packs, developed at the cost of about N70 million by a pool of seasoned professionals and academics, were specially designed to assist candidates preparing for the Professional Examinations of ICAN as well as other professional bodies and tertiary institutions and help combat high failure rate in the acclaimed world-class rated ICAN examination.

The legislation shall mean this Law and the by-laws relating to the compliance with this Law.

Candidates with MDCS outstanding shall be allowed to continue with the old syllabus. It has a four-level structure with a total of fifteen papers. Forms and contents of books of accounts manual and computerbased. Shall comprise multiple-choice and short-answer questions. Financial Iczn I 9.

The Institute recognises for this purpose: LINKAGES Knowledge of economic concepts, principles and application which underline rational choice and behaviour of economic agents, particularly consumers and firms.