George Jones — White Lightning. State significant facts about the Taiping Rebellion pp. While the book will be used specifically for review for the Advanced Placement Examination in May, it will also be useful as a valuable study guide throughout the year. State significant facts about Muhammad Reza Pahlavi p. Shakespeare and the Prose Study. Article Remembering Edward Abbey.

Article Disabilities Rights Activists Protest. However, generally, if an assignment is late, the first day late will cost one grade letter. Article Tiny Houses Are Trendy. Do you have a comprehensive, analytical, and explicit thesis? There is much that historians are still trying to discover about the past. The Kinks — Lola. Discuss the six major locations of the first civilizations after B.

How did Mongol rule change China and how were the Mongols changed by China? Add this document to collection s. Timeline Buddhism in America.

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Article Marijuana Legalization Criminalization. Shakespeare and the Prose Study. Describe the achievements of Alexander the Great as well as his chief significance in world history pp. Article MADD at Discuss the lavish lifestyle of elites pp. Who were the Bantu? From the gathering of facts concerning when and how events happened to the greater complexities of how circumstances impacted different groups within societies and between societies, students examine world history from a multiplicity of perspectives.


What were the major achievements of the Ming dynasty? Pink Floyd — Welcome to the Machine. Of course, a history of the world is a daunting undertaking and to ensure that information is understood and remembered, the homework syllabus is designed to provide students opportunities to analyze and synthesize information, to practice concepts and skills, and to reinforce critical information.

Discuss slavery in the GrecoRoman world pp. Therefore, the Princeton Review book must be purchased to complete the last five weeks of assignments and to prepare for the AP World History examination.

Article The Return of the Sex Wars.

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Describe the cultural changes that occurred as humans migrated out of Africa and into the Eurasia pp. Add to collection s Add to saved. John Coltrane — A Love Supreme.

ms napp homework syllabus

State significant facts about the silver trade pp. Have you given ample historical evidence to prove your thesis? Article Black is Beautiful.


ms napp homework syllabus

John Lennon — Cold Turkey. Speech Susan B Anthony. Do you have a comprehensive, analytical, and explicit thesis? How did the Mongols rule Russia and how was Russia changed by Mongol rule?

Sun Ra — Door of the Cosmos. Discuss significant facts about Axum pp. Students will respond to a mms by writing an extended thesis paragraph. Noam Chomsky The Responsibility of Intellectuals.

David Bowie — Rebel, Rebel. Han China B.

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Describe the infrastructure of the Persian empire p. Discuss the significance of the Phoenicians in world history p. The Moody Blues — Om.