Leave a Reply Cancel reply The following information is needed for us to identify you and display your comment. For other qualifications, assessment type and weighting information is added manually to the SRS. The event or circumstance must have had a serious impact on your performance. There is now an institutional commitment to a four-week deadline; students now have clear, personalised information about when marks and feedback will be received and the return of marks to students is done automatically via a feed to their Moodle area from the Student Record System. The final deadline to submit an Exceptional Factors form is 21 days from when your end of year results are published on Moodle.

MMU guidance on Setting. The penalties are more serious if you have been accused of cheating before or if you are a postgraduate student. All faculties are now required to put in place a clear plan for this period including elements such as a consistent approach to providing reassessment information and resources in the VLE, a rota of staff to cover student queries, telephoning all students who have been given a reassessment opportunity and briefing student support staff about arrangements and staff availability. MMU guidance on Recording grades. Academic Issues We want all students to enjoy their time at MMU and complete their studies successfully. Marking and production of feedback: Which decisions can you appeal against?

MMU guidance on Supporting.

The Coursework Receipting System CRStakes a feed of approved submission dates for assessment elements from the Student Records System and provides students with bar-coded coversheets for tracking paper submission of those assessment elements. If you have additional evidence, you cojrsework submit a new Exceptional Factors form instead of appealing.

MMU now has a consistent structure for assignment briefs, supported by clear guidance on assignment task design and size, developing appropriate assessment criteria, and best practice lage feedback and moderation for different types of task. If the university does not think that you will be able to complete the academic work to pass the year it can withdraw you. The Advice Centre can help cojrsework with an appeal, so please contact us courseork you would like our support.


MMU guidance on Marking and production of feedback. You must complete and submit an Exceptional Factors EF form before the exam or as near to the day of the exam as possible. You will be sent a letter explaining that you are being withdrawn and it should include details of how to appeal the decision.

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You must submit an appeals form within 21 days of your end of year results being published by completing an appeals form and submitting it to your Student Hub or to complaintsappeals mmu. You can appeal the decision to withdraw you if: The project also acted on a recommendation to focus more effort on the re-assessment period: Poor referencing is courseaork considered as plagiarism and usually receives a penalty.

If possible try to complete your Exceptional Factors EF form and submit it to your Student Hub before the submission deadline for the assignment. Manchester Metropolitan University Students’ Union. If you are a final year student this could affect when you graduate.

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The general rules are:. The following information is needed for us to identify you and display your comment. You can appeal the decision if: You must provide independent, professional evidence to support your case.

TRansforming Assessment + Feedback For Institutional Change (TRAFFIC) at MMU

This is why it is so important to let your tutors know if you are having a difficult time and cannot always attend university. As a result of this work MMU has also decided to include data about unit reassessments in its performance monitoring and provision of support for individual units.


For example, a long-term health condition or illness that became unexpectedly severe during the assessment period. You may find that you coirsework a large overpayment that you have to pay back to the Student Loans Company earlier than you expected.

mmu late coursework

See also 6 below for information on support during reassessment. If you remain unhappy, you can submit the relevant appeal form to your Student Hub or complaintsappeals mmu. MMU guidance on Specifying. The university offers over 1, courses and qualifications, the majority of which have a strong professional bias.

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You must provide evidence to support your case. Leave a Reply Cancel reply The following information is needed for us to identify you and display your comment. Come and speak to an Adviser and we can discuss your situation and your options. An academic misconduct decision e. You can self plagiarise, which means using parts of an assignment you submitted earlier in the course in a coursewok assignment.

Electronic submissions are normally returned to students using the same tool with which they were submitted for marking. MMU guidance on Returning marks and feedback.