Seen Exam What is it? You can also find peer-reviewed, open-access, material by searching the Directory of Open Access Journals. It is sensible to look at the originality report and and check whether the colour coded sections may actually have been correctly cited. Although it is very powerful it is not for the faint-hearted! Students who need extra time for writing, or who have difficulty in hand-writing and need to type their assignments, will need special arrangements to be made in advance. As a general guideline material that comes from government and higher education sources will be more reliable but beware that you may be reading a piece of coursework submitted by a student.

The analyses are not based on a particular statistical program. Skip to main content. If you do decide to use them could you please let me know. The software takes an assignment which you upload to the Turnitin servers and compares it with other assignments in its database. Students will of course be able to discuss the question in advance of the exam, and this may lead to some similarity of answers, just as you might find for a coursework assessment.

Steve Bentley at the University of Huddersfield has developed a card game to help teach students how Turnitin is used. Judging the value of material or methods as they might be applied in a particular situation; judging with the use of definite criteria. This would clearly have an effect on the time needed to mark the exams, which needs to be factored in.

mmu coursework similarity

A short review of multivariate methods A short introduction to classification and clustering methods The analyses are not based on a particular statistical program.

The unit examines the background to, and applications of, a range of clustering and classification techniques across biology. Although you could work completely independently it is not generally advisable.


Clustering and Classification methods for Biologists

The Simiarity site is an online multivariate statistical package. This database is composed of other student assignments which have been submitted for checking, pages retrieved from the World Wide Web, and published works of various kinds.

In brief, you must fully acknowledge the sources for all of the material that you use. Note this is a completely different R statistics package to that distributed from Pierre Legendre’s site! These may not be common simolarity, but are mentioned to illustrate that there is no substitute for tutor scrutiny and interpretation of a report.

Very low matches may attract attention as much as higher ones. This is fine as long as you follow certain rules about ownership.

mmu coursework similarity

With a seen exam, there would be less reflection required on the day, so you might increase your expectations of the length.

Fair use of these pages You are free to use these pages for educational coufsework. Two useful sources for online searching are: Skip to main content. This is shareware software but you can try it before you buy it. Communication Most online units will assume that communication between students and the teaching staff is important. Classification of Cognitive Skills Based on information from http: Learning is much more than remembering.

It is wise to search out other texts that you may find more courseworm to your needs.

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If you want students to work to a time constraint, as they might have to in the workplace, then you could release the question one to six weeks before the exam.

The following Web sites contain links to free or shareware software, most of which are relevant to multivariate analyses. The contents provide a more detailed and broader coverage than is possible in these pages. You must not engage in plagiarism! The most reliable sources are peer reviewed academic journals.


These rules are generally referred to similarigy ‘netiquette’ and more information can be found from these links the Core Rules of Netiquette from the courrsework Netiquette by Virginia Shea available onlinethe Wikipedia Netiquette entry and a State of Victoria Dept.

Implement some common multivariate methods; Correctly apply and interpret all of the methods studied; Choose an appropriate method for a given data set and problem; Successfully communicate the results of the analysis to their peers; Interpret multivariate analyses in the scientific literature. It is generally advisable to set aside some reasonable blocks of time, which means periods between 30 minutes and two hours. Bill Miller has been developing a comprehensive and free statistics package call Openstat that offers a number of multivariate analyses including multiple regression, discriminant analysis cluster analysis, principal components factor analysis and logistic regression.

In a two hour exam, students might be able to write — words in total but this is very variable depending on discipline and level.

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If you want students to think about the question throughout the module, then it could be released right at the beginning of the module and referred to regularly during the course. Refining your search criteria to exclude irrelevant material. It is assumed that you have some prior understanding of the basics of statistical analyses and interpretation.