It’s an alt-history of Japan. It’s madness and you want so badly for some catharsis and for the villains to get theirs. Examining the difficulty experienced by a child born in one country to parents from another country, Yang explores the kind of dissatisfaction common to many in similar circumstances. While some of the stories are great and perfect examples of viable ways to use the comic medium to tell stories, others are merely good. Without the drive to perversion, these kids will be trapped in their stultifying provincial lives.

By this point we’re all aware that these things are subjective and susceptible to biases, personal histories, tastes, and a slight flux in the barometer. A probably nice young man. Nov 03, Patrick Artazu rated it really liked it. The entire Komikusu roundtable is here. A very professionally made comic that suffers just a little for its professionalism. A magic that Peeters, through art and through script, unveils. Jan 15, Silver rated it really liked it Shelves:

Noko is victimized by her own lack of self-confidence and her inability to truly grasp the manner of the world about her. It is so enjoyable that I read all eight volumes every other year at least. Habibi is a book marked by rape, slavery, castration, forced marriages, the murder of mitsutu, harems, and love. I picked it up immediately but read it in too close proximity to seeing the film—and read it in the year-end rush to consume as much as possible for my year-end review.

Wakaba y Aoba Tsukishima, hermanas ambas. This book had been popping up conics my recommended reads for a while so finally decided to go for it.

Anyway, before Kon began directing films, he was into comics. He treats personal topics with a sense of both whimsy and honesty. I think there are plenty of titles that can be easily marketed outside of the core manga readers. It focuses on a young man named “Ko Kitamura” and follows his life from early years of elementary school all the way to high school. For instance, Ko might be pitching or batting or concentrating hard or maybe just standing there with a glove in his hand and looking pleasant.


Eartha is prodigiously imaginative and for something that has a moral in the same kind of way that the Gigantic Beard That Was Evil does, it never feels overly didactic or preachy. Collecting another Dark Horse Presents serial as a no-fuss page color comic – this time it’s veteran cartoonist Thomas Yeates taking the famous Viscount Greystoke on a trip through time, with scripting by Alan Gordon.

– Sequential State

Normally I find this vaguely cartoon-ish drawing style hard to get through, but the backgrounds make it extremely tolerable for me.

There is the story of the Monkey King the classic Chinese figurethe story of Jin and his difficulty fitting into a school in which he is one of a small handful of students of Asian descent, and the story of Danny, a Caucasian boy who comcis plagued by his ridiculous cousin Chin-Kee who appears as a stereotyped caricature complete with affected speech—Ls for Rs and vice versa.

In the micro, at least. I never saw the movie.

mitsuru adachi essay comics

I can think of no better compliment than to say that Sunny is one of the most honest, affecting works I’ve encountered. This is a review for all 8 volumes But beyond merely being a work of art, The Leaning Girl explores narrative trickery with a buoyant kind of liveliness that should be endearing to most readers. That’s on the micro and when you’re ranking The Best of a category that boasts ten thousand options, you’re kind of just making it up.


mitsuru adachi essay comics

A bit large and unwieldy though. A dragon here, a crowd adacbi there. I remember wearing out my Streamline VHS tape back in 9th grade and it’s still that dub that echoes through my mind whenever I remember scenes from the movie.

This is a magnificent book that excels over the film in almost every sense despite the film still being wonderful.

Cross Game – Never Stop Drawing

With Cross Game, he has definitely raised the bar. Nov 13, at 2: Suzu grows up in a town in Hiroshima.

mitsuru adachi essay comics

I was even aware of the Shonen Sunday site at all, let alone that they were publishing Adachi! And collapsed together into a single volume, they absolutely merit the couple to few hours it will cost to read them in their entirety.

Cross Game, Vols. 1 and 2

And Peeters could have done that thing that everybody does when telling a story about something tragic like HIV: And with that, here’s the list. Where is Jake Ellis? April 7, Alex Hoffman 0.

The art is equally impressive and suits the atmosphere and story perfectly. All of the protagonists are well-rounded and individuated save perhaps for Smiley Bone, who remains a bastion of zany aloofness throughout. It’s about two young teens in an unhealthy-but-probing comixs relationship—so there’s a substantial amount of sex and nudity.