Variable costs associated with each unit were Rs. During the month the company completed 92, gallons and transferred them to the mixing department. Material is added at the beginning of the process and conversion costs are added evenly throughout the process. Forecasted sales for May, June and July are Rs. How much units would be sold at break Even point?

Home Books About us Contact Us. The cost data for February follow: Material is added at the end of the process and conversion costs are added uniformly throughout the process. The fixed cost of Rs. How to freeze semester. Prepare cash budget for the month of July.

They are fully occupied in their usual department and sub-contracting staff would have to be brought in to undertake the work left behind. We have huge range of mgt virtual university past papers available to download.

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Work in process inventory 3. Fixed expense per month Rs.

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The re-allocation continues until the numbers being dealt with become very small. A total of 80, units were produced and sold last month. She has asked her inexperienced silentlips gmail. Current inventory of L is 4, units. Work-in-process, May 1 46, 78, silentlips gmail.


mgt402 final term paper

Click here to sign up. The ending inventory of paped this year is expected to bepounds, and the desired ending inventory next year ispounds. How much was the per-unit contribution margin? The company expects to sellbottles next year. Fully explain and justify each of the costs included in the costing schedule.

At what sale price would the company be in different between disposing of chemical B at split off and finql processing the chemical?

It is your duty to make this website as positive manner. Prepare a production budget for January through March Question No: Home Books About us Contact Us.

One item it sells is a small table that sells for Rs. From this graph, compute the approximate breakeven point in rupees and units. If the company desires finall target net income of Rs. For example, notional rent – these costs are only a book exercise and do not represent a realcash flow.

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What is the margin of safety in Rs. Which of papre following is the cost of goods available for sale? If it does choose Contract A then Contract B will be deprived of the resource that could have generated a contribution for the company.


mgt402 final term paper

During February, Superior started 80, gallons of paint. Download mgt final term 5. Given the following data, prepare a cash budget for the month of May, June and July. Payment of principal and interest of Rs.

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Which of the following should be regarded as relevant in the decision-making process? Cost of opening finished goods Rs. More Past Papers Subjects.

Material and supplies inventory 2. What would be the budgeted overhead at a capacity level ofunits? Sales price Per unit 2 1 Contribution margin 1 2 Required: