Specifically, insurance companies use Mendix to deliver applications spanning the following areas:. We can do things we simply wouldn’t have been able to do using traditional development methods. Manage Manage all applications from a single dashboard, ensuring availability, security, performance and scalability. What if you could actually More information. Contents Aligning Individual More information. To make matters worse, many attempt to solve new challenges using old methodologies and tools. Speedy Transport, Inc View Testimonial.

Building the same application using traditional methods would have taken a lot longer and cost a lot more. The flexibility of the Mendix platform has allowed us to exceed our expectations. With demand from the business growing rapidly, IT leaders are under pressure to better manage and prioritize their application needs. In today s diverse IT environment, one thought becomes overwhelmingly apparent: Leveraging Mendix’s open platform ecosystem, the release provides drag-and-drop connectors to best-in-class IoT, big data and machine learning platforms and services.

This white paper zooms in on the threat of increasing costs of app-development faced by Enterprises and offers a vision. Specifically, insurance companies use Mendix to deliver applications spanning the following areas:. Within these businesses, skills are siloed and resources. The Mendix platform was used to create a new application and quote menix to improve customer experience and operational efficiency.

BPM solutions and SharePoint are often viewed.

mendix lv case study

Claim your profile and create a Premium Portal for your organization. But the stakes are high; missed market opportunities, lack of innovation, competitive threats, and business costs are all common issues that can derail future growth. What took over a month to code in Lotus took just five days with Mendix. It does this by combining visual, modeldriven development, 1-click deployment, social collaboration and central app governance in one complete mwndix.


As a result, cross-functional teams are able to rapidly deliver web, mobile and smart apps and adapt to changing business requirements. Fortunately, recent technology More information. For further information, about implementation and pricing. That s a major advantage for us.

These systems are often identical from one company to another and form casse backbone of a company s operations and financial transactions. Medical Practice Management Software.

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We had initially estimated about stuxy days of development time for each interface. To me it is the combination of the way the platform works and the people and the company behind it.

Start display at page:. If you are not currently More information. Wade Sendall, vice president of IT at The Boston Globe, commented that Using the Mendix platform, we can do things we simply wouldn t have been able to do using traditional development methods because Mendix is so much faster and easier.

We needed a new system to improve our productivity, reduce project risk, and lower our costs. The three distinguishing pace-layers are systems of record, systems of differentiation and systems of innovation. The Boston Globe Manages Unique Processes Across Its Business Newspaper publisher, The Boston Globe, has adopted Mendix to rapidly deliver dozens of applications that support unique processes across its newsroom, advertising and finance departments.

The pace of technology growth.

Fast & Collaborative Application Delivery. How Mendix Fits Within Gartner s Pace-Layered Model

In this case, a system of differentiation is built on top of a system of record in order to enable a particular business process or provide a business unit with some functionality not supported by the original enterprise system.


Retail of the future: When looking specifically at menndix of differentiation and innovation, IT teams need to focus on three main components in order to ensure successful outcomes: Featured Customers That Trust Mendix. Users can easily automate cross-browser functional testing based on keywords linked mendixx user stories.

mendix lv case study

Sudy Enable all stakeholders to communicate and collaborate throughout the lifecycle of the project. The Mendix App Platform allowed the retailer to build and deploy a robust credit origination system, integrated with FICO, in a vastly quicker and more flexible way. Customer Timeline – New in Summer Deploy Provision and manage apps in the cloud, including one-click deployment; manage test, acceptance and production environments.

The strategy provides an organized view of all existing applications and aims to categorize new applications appropriately as ideas arise. VSP This case study describes how eyecare group VSP Global uses Exony VIM to enhance operational visibility within its contact centers, making it easier for managers and supervisors to access the essential information needed to improve customer service.