Question 10 Most candidates understood the initial step, but many omitted the brackets and never recovered. Part iii Those candidates who used their graph to find the gradient and the intercept often went on to score full marks in this part. Of those who spotted both relationships, a good proportion made a mess of simplifying the fraction, often resulting in a final answer of. Question 2 Part i This was done very well. Please can anyone help, Integration, c3 mei, ocr maths!?!? Policies and guidelines Contact us.

A common error was to omit the minus sign from the first term. The FMSP revision videos for MEI are topic-based videos featuring an explanation of the specifications and some example examination questions. However, Centres which are new to the scheme are strongly recommended to use the tasks published by MEI while they are familiarising themselves with the nature of coursework. The very latest A level papers can only be accessed from the OCR Interchange or through teacher access to each unit within. Centres are advised that using a graphical calculator to evaluate a definite integral or to solve an equation eg question 10 will earn no credit unless the relevant working is presented. A surprising number tried squaring top and bottom, or concocted an equation which they attempted to solve. Candidates were expected to comment on the model continuing to predict an ever increasing rate of reduction in the thickness of the ice, in spite of the fact that at some point all the ice will have melted.

Xifferential download as a level gce mathematics mei ocr pdf download. They should ensure that the material they have is that published for this specification and not that for an earlier specification.


mei ocr maths coursework

Those who adopted other methods such as simultaneous equations often went astray, and obtaining a positive value for the Y- intercept or a large value for the gradient evidently did not cause concern. It is differentiap to see some candidates misquoting formulae that are given to them in the booklet. Year Number of years since 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 t Reduction in thickness since 0.

Of those who spotted both relationships, a good proportion made a mess of simplifying the fraction, often resulting in a final answer of. The total time allowed is 1 hour 30 minutes. Question 8 Most candidates equxtions one of the trigonometric identities required, and then made no further progress.

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mei differential equations coursework mark scheme

Please contact OCR Copyright should you wish to re-use this document. Comments on Individual Questions: The table shows the reduction in thickness from its measurement in In such cases you must ensure that you refer back to the answer of the previous part question even if this is not shown within the image zone.

The Question Paper consists of 8 pages.

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Method marks are not usually lost for numerical errors, algebraic slips or errors in units. Part ii This was very well done. By and large the correct formulae were used and the entire solution was worked in radians, nearly always resulting in full marks.

The units for x and y are metres. Part v Many candidates wrote sensible responses to this question.


Question 2 Part i This was done very well. Part iii This was generally well done.

Annotations and abbreviations Equatiosn in scoris Meaning Blank Page — this annotation must be used on all blank pages within an answer booklet structured or unstructured and on each page of an additional object where there is no candidate response.

Unfortunately a few candidates stopped at f 60 and lost both marks. Part ii Most recognised the arithmetic progression, but some were uncomfortable with a non-numerical a and made a spurious attempt to find its value. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

mei differential equations coursework mark scheme

Some candidates slipped up finding the value of y, and a few made sign errors when finishing off. Essay homework help us history Writing Guide. Such work must be carefully assessed. It allows some areas of mathematics to be assessed that written examinations.

mei differential equations coursework mark scheme

Half marks may be awarded, but the overall total must be rounded up or down to an integer. Description There are two aspects to the work.

Mei ocr maths coursework

Unless otherwise indicated, marks once gained cannot subsequently be lost, eg wrong working following a correct form of answer is ignored. Calculate the length of AC. A common error was to omit the minus sign from the first term.