Deviations to the standard contract shall be discussed with the Science Research Project Coordinator. Within all Master’s programmes one or more research projects are mandatory. Within the MBI programme research and education integrity plays an important role. Please let us know. Throughout the profile, learning theories and teaching methods will be taught closely linked to your day to day work in the classroom. If something needs to be amended, you will be notified by email. An analysis on the maturity of business intelligence for project management organizations.

Applied Data Science is a multidisciplinary profile for students who want to better understand and be able to apply Data Science methods, techniques, and processes to solve real-world problems in various application domains. This can be in the Netherlands as well as abroad see also: Title Research plan , consisting of: Keeping control on the eGovernment highway. Exploring Big data opportunities for Online Customer Segmentation. When you are ready to present, send a request to the MBI Colloquium coordinator with the names of your MBI supervisors, a worktitle and whether this is your first or second presentation. In the second year of your master you work on a Master’s thesis, under supervision of a staff member of the Mathematical Institute.

ISI Web of Knowledge. It is possible for highly-motivated students that aim at high-quality projects to conduct their thesis outside the Netherlands, either at a company or in a university.

For the grading of your graduation project, please send a digital assessment form with your personal details and thesis title to mvi supervisor at least two days before the defense.


mbi uu thesis

The cost of Security. Just like for the first presentation, there will be time to answer questions from the audience, and the speaker should make triggering questions to the audience. The proposal contains at least the following elements: Educational profile — teacher degree If you are passionate about sharing your knowledge, and you would consider a career as a teacher in secondary education, this profile might be right for you.

Cyber security in healthcare: Heuvel,Maurits van der Accenture. Below are the 88 Master of Business Informatics MBI thesis topics for which I have been — or still am — the main supervisor, ordered by research topic.

Research project – master thesis

Towards better Uk and Enterprise Search. A pediatric intensive care unit case study. The profile gives you the opportunity to broaden your view and knowledge from an interdisciplinary angle and widens your opportunities for further development. Conduct sound scientific research according to a predefined plan, Contribute to the scientific body of knowledge, Critically review the research and its plan, Give a convincing presentation about the work, and Write a scientific report about the conducted research.


For questions that are not covered here, send an e-mail to the graduation coordinator Dr. The curriculum of this Master programme consists of a mandatory and an optional section. The MBI programme is full-time. Your request will be checked by the student administration and by the graduation coordinator. In principle, admission to start the final thesis project officially is permitted when all courses are passed and is confirmed by the likely supervisor of the student, after the supervisor has approved the short proposal.


Omta,Wiert 3 – In progress.

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The fit between Business Intelligence end-users, tasks and technologies. A Data Preparation Approach.

In thesus case, you have to find a project supervisor from the mathematics institute and a daily supervisor at the place of internship. For an MBI thesis, the maximum grade for a retake is 8.

Supporting incident management with population information derived from telecom data. The result not the assessment form should be send by the supervisor to the student desk, science. Formalize the graduation request: The student has to start a new project from scratch. Tolsma,Laura Technology to Serve.

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Set date for graduation: You will receive a Complex Systems certificate. Democratizing Data Science in healthcare: Benefits and limitations of Access and Identity Management solutions.

A supervisor may decline to serve as supervisor for a project abroad, whenever s he finds the risk of project failure too high. The student may start the research project when 45 EC of the mandatory courses or primary electives is completed, or with approval by the programme director.

mbi uu thesis

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