Therefore he [Azad] stayed with him [Khan Ata] for five years and was part of the editorial team of the In face of increasing popular disenchantment with the British across India, Gandhi and Patel advocated an all-out rebellion demanding immediate independence. National Encyclopedia of Bangladesh Second ed. Azad was imprisoned, together with the entire Congress leadership. His work for education and social uplift in India made him an important influence in guiding India’s economic and social development. In recent years great concern has been expressed by many in India over the poor maintenance of the tomb.

I want a free account. Log in to add a comment. An avid and determined student, the precocious Azad was running a library, a reading room, and a debating society before he was twelve; wanted to write on the life of Ghazali at twelve; was contributing learned articles to Makhzan a literary magazine at fourteen; [10] was teaching a class of students, most of whom were twice his age, when he was fifteen; and completed the traditional course of study at the age of sixteen, nine years ahead of his contemporaries, and brought out a magazine at the same age. Log in to add a comment. Retrieved 6 November Azad developed political views considered radical for most Muslims of the time and became a full-fledged Indian nationalist.

As a lieutenant of Mahatma Gandhi, the statement said Maulana Sahib injected in the public life of the country a new favour.

maulana abul kalam azad essay in english 500 words

When elections were called under the Government of India ActAzad was appointed to organise the Congress election campaign, raising funds, selecting candidates and organising volunteers and rallies across India.

I am indispensable to this noble edifice and without me this splendid structure is incomplete. I want a free account.


He rose to prominence through his work as a journalist, publishing works critical of the British Raj and espousing the causes of Indian nationalism.

Apart worxs his political activities which were those of a statesman, he was a great Muslim divine.

maulana abul kalam azad essay in english 500 words

Azad endorsed the ending of separate electorates based on religion, and called for an independent India to be committed to secularism. Despite their previous differences, Azad worked closely with Patel and Dr.

maulana abul kalam azad essay in english 500 words

Maulana Azad, committed to a united India until his last attempt, was condemned by the advocates of Pakistan, especially the Muslim League. Azad also supported Nehru’s re-election inat the consternation of many conservative Congressmen. For the Indian photographer, see Abul Kalam Azad photographer. Maulana Azad died on 22nd February, aaad RajagopalachariSarvepalli Radhakrishnanand C.

As India’s first Minister of Education, he emphasised on educating the rural poor and girls. Maulana Azad was a journalist, author, poet and philospher. Archived from the original on 18 October Abdul Kalam M.

Abul Kalam Azad

He also criticised Muslim politicians for focusing on communal issues before the national interest and rejected the All India Muslim League ‘s communal separatism. Patel opposed Azad and Nehru’s proposal to reserve the houses vacated by Muslims who had departed for Pakistan for Muslims in India displaced by the violence. Journal of the Pakistan Historical Society.

This page was last edited on 16 Mayat He was the embodiment of the spirit of freedom and unity beyond distinctions of caste, creed and communalism. Muslim religious and political leaders criticised Azad as being too close to the Congress and placing politics before Muslim welfare.

The Ministry of Minority Affairs of the central Government of India set up the Maulana Azad Education Foundation in on the occasion of his birth centenary to promote education amongst educationally backward sections of the Society. Muslim scholars of the Hanbali School.


National Heros of India: Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

Please remove this from this website for two days please!!!!!!!!! Azad committed himself to Gandhi’s ideals, including promoting Swadeshi indigenous products and the cause of Swaraj Self-rule for India. Supporting the call for the British to ” Quit India “, Azad began exhorting thousands of people in rallies across the nation to prepare for a definitive, all-out struggle.

Institute of Asian Studies.

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Azad became an inspiring personality in the field of politics. Azad privately discussed the proposal with Gandhi, Patel and Nehru, but despite his opposition was unable to deny the popularity of the League and the unworkability of any coalition with the League. He was born on 17 September in Vadnagar, Mehsana district, Bombay In the years following the movement, Azad travelled across India, working extensively to promote Gandhi’s vision, education and social reform.

Reflections on India in the Twenty-first Century. Azad had backed the election of Nehru as Congress president, and supported the resolution endorsing socialism. As a young man, Azad composed poetry in Urduas ni as treatises on religion and philosophy.