Partly, I think this is important for maintaining student motivation. Organization I was assigned two sections of 32 students each, which dwindled to 30 each over the course of the term. Acting as Your Students: My students commented in person and on evaluations at how willing and able I was to discuss anything mathematical, and the course coordinator who observed my teaching commented on how effectively I could enter in the middle of a mathematical conversation. I did the day-to-day teaching 3 times a week, 80 minutes per meeting.

Every department has three distinct curricula: Just emphasize how crucial it was to pass the Gateway a computer administered exam testing this skill , and the students would teach themselves. Feel free to read, and feel free to call me David rather than Professor Speyer. Team homework My students were organized into groups of four who met weekly to work together on more challenging problems, which they wrote up as a group and received a single collective grade for. Inexperienced teachers often do best with advanced material, or at least advanced students— contexts where something has filtered out the biggest teaching challenges and the students resemble less-trained versions of the instructor. I feel that the former was achieved fairly well in practice, though I have some complaints, but the latter was not.

Your username for the homework is your uniqname. In each case, for many of my classmates, that was the beginning of the end. I think we should give him a question on the exam where he can display this mastery.

math 115 team homework umich

Obviously, I would be very glad to hear counter-arguments! Introductory material is best taught by people with more experience than grad students generally have. After all, you cost the department significantly more than a graduate student!

math 115 team homework umich

And I think that, to teach college math well, you need to be aware of a great deal of mathematics, well beyond the official level of your course. The course coordinators were really hardworking and insightful ymich.


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Working with people, no matter what, will be a source of tension. This has two consequences. If you are thinking of tea, MI calculus into your school, you should think about how to take care of your teachers. The exams, especially the last two, were almost all challenging conceptual problems.

My students were organized into groups of four who met weekly to work together on more challenging problems, which they wrote up as a group and received a single collective grade for. In my case, I was competing with grad students who had taken calculus far more recently than I had; had taught it several times before; and who were often extraordinary competitors with a string of Olympiad medals and Putnam victories.

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I was very curious to see how this was made to work. Also, I think that it is worth being able to detect the difference between the student I describe here, and one who has 1115 even mastered those skills.

I do think there are advantages to having instructors with more mathematical experience then a grad student can obtain, and I talked about some of them above. So this advice really did turn out to work, despite my skepticism. It is open without appointment to anyone who wants umlch come ask a question.

If you follow the link in a feedback e-mail that a student sents you, you will be acting as that student—you’ll see the problem exactly as they see it. I had a lot of fun going to the mathlab.

The applied and conceptual focus of the class Calculus at Michigan focuses very heavily on working with data and on understanding what computation to do, rather than how to do it. I think these are very appropriate goals in theory.


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homewokr I think I really did stand out from other instructors in these regards. Every time they copied an expression from one part of the page to another, there is a high probability that a plus sign will change to a minus. People who teach introductory classes generally do better at teaching advanced classes.

There are a lot of problems in the webhomework mainly sections 5. Grad students graduate; postdocs leave. If not for your students specifically, are there benefits for the calculus teaching program as a whole from having you teach the class? I applaud Michigan for recognizing that it is worth paying full time staff to do this job, and finding ones who did it so well. This paradox demonstrates the point very vividly.

math 115 team homework umich

In Spring I often was unable to sleep for fear that I had misplanned my Hodge Theory lectures, so it was a major relief to be so well taken care of. And, while skilled instructors with an excellent command of the mathematical field may be more common than skilled researchers, they are going to be rare as well.

Some thoughts on teaching Michigan calculus

Of course, I am a highly competitive tam, and I wanted my sections to blow the others out of the water. The mathlab Michigan has a large room called the mathlab it could probably hold people or so filled with round tables and staffed 8 hours a day by tutors who can provide help with mathematics courses. I felt guilty and awkward about it.