By scanning it through the app the user got not only an audio-presentation, but also textual information. He felt that such an activity would be distracting, although he admitted that he was not very interested in games in general. The wall of text is deemed by some sources I encountered as an outdated way of presenting information and the way Dansmuseet layer information, through their use of drawers as well as their approach to using tablets, is something that was deemed successful and innovative by the groups I had as participants in my process. My mathematical interests concerns cryptography, algebra and number theory. It would arguably activate the visitors in the museum; however it does not have any element of the constructivist-theory as it does not allow the visitor to create any personal interpretations through the technology used, only passively listen to what is provided by the museum.

Master thesis supervisor in Computer Science Application Deadline: Adding artwork to your collection With this way of having a digital version of an artwork the user can collect the collected pieces in their own digital library, as showcased in figure While what I discussed in related work was interactive art, a topic very much relevant to museums what I am specifically discussing here is a type of research that acknowledges technologies that enhances the museum experience, but also takes into account what the relevant models for defining the museum visit are. In essence the staff felt that this proposal might showcase a much to narrow view of what dance could be. This information was not about just one object, but presented a context for the user. Research shows that not all visitors have a firm grasp of what they intend to learn when visiting the museum.

Vasamuseet had audio guides, even for download on smartphones, but the focus was still on regular guides and information boards.

By having video- technology that reflects a dance avatar in the window of Dansmuseet as people are walking by, as seen in figure 36, an interest will be formed for what is in the museum. Steinberg, In terms of what kind of interactions has been utilized previously it seems touch or gestures seems the most commonly used as mentioned in the above examples, but even voice commands or tongue movements are possible forms of interaction.

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It has a big variety of information, and there is an audio guide that can be activated by scanning symbols throughout the museum. I also take a close look at specific examples of the implementation undertaken in museums other than Dansmuseet. Prior experiences, knowledge and interests of the visitor; Physical Context: Figure 4 shows the model version of the entrance to the main exhibition while figure 5 shows a more general view of the actual interior of the exhibition room. Web site for additional job details https: Firstly I need to look at relevant developments regarding technology within museums and how they have been utilized as interactive media that enhance the visitor experience.


Master thesis supervisor in Computer Science

Hudson et al, The i-Pads are connected to museum objects in the exhibition and they have QR-codes that users can tag. Casual Dance Wall This proposal moved its general idea away from the main exhibition hall and instead existed on the fringes of the main content of Dansmuseet. The job includes involvement and organization of courses and workshops in digital image processing and analysis thwsis life science applications. Firstly I gathered dsc background to be able to understand museums in a more general sense.

I also needed to firmly establish the presentation oriented goals, since they were highly relevant considering what technologies to put into consideration for implementation within the exhibition space of Dansmuseet. It is also important to point out that there is a distinct difference in visitors, and this is something that has to be explored as well. The result is a sort of game, which will be described through the images the designers created to present their concept.

The exhibition as it stands did provide a pretty decent protection against theft due to the showcases protecting the relevant artworks.

I describe some attempts to implement technology in masterr exhibitions done in the past, as well as key terminology and perspectives. Further information about the artifacts can be found if typing their number on one of four i-Pads in the museum location, of which one is shown in figure 8, but there is also another form of information available.

One of the showcases 1.

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The concept was somewhat crudely presented but there is enough data to form conclusions as to how well it could be implemented. We will hire successful candidates directly after application until our need is covered. The user can access their unlocked animations as shown in figure 29 and can also access more information about each unlocked animation as shown in figure The exhibition items where all different property of Wilhelmina von Hallwyll and the visit consisted of walking in the different rooms while the guide presented the stories and overall gave a context for the visitors to frame the perceived artifacts into.


However, there was too many different museums available for me to visit them all so I had to use some sort of criteria to choose which museums would be relevant for my assignment. Out of all the social identities that constitutes the museum visitor experience model; only two are outright about learning. That is why I think one has to look on the long-term as well when evaluating what approach is the most fitting when implementing technology as a supplement in the museum experience.

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By using QR-codes that are accessible by users that brought their own device, the visitor can access hidden information in the museum environment. By tagging the QR-codes, the visitor can post comments that are not only accessible from within the museum but also online and each object is linked to its own twitter hashtag allowing users to follow the discussions. We are looking for a PhD with a keen interest in implementation and adaption of image analysis algorithms for quantitative analysis of microscopy data to join the SciLifeLab BIIF https: It also meant that the visitors could share a version of their museum experience physically represented in Instagram through pictures and associated commentary.

master thesis kth csc

It tries to hide the technology and use a sense of wonder to attract attention with the use of projector technology which could classify it as a use of full body interaction.

They only had limited information in relation to the exhibit-objects and at first used information kiosks to present more information to those who wanted it. I will also list additional steps Dansmuseet should perform in order to become more digitally aware. The idea behind the visitor experience is that it is something hidden, that not only takes place when the visitor is within the museum space, but is an interaction affected by factors both outside the museum, before the visit as well as after Falk, The first interview was with a woman, who can be characterized as a student in her mid-twenties.

Before I started I presented the general situation that was relevant at Dansmuseet, and described their focus and way to present their concepts and themes.