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Roger Blanford and Kip Thorne. Presented at the AprilLSC meeting. Applications of Classical Physics, volume 1. My good friend and coauthor of two papers, Phil Rosenthal, deserves special recognition for his contributions to our discussions and research in both fractional superstrings and stringy cosmology. Feedforward reduction of the microseism disturbance in a long-base-line interferometric gravitational-wave detector – Giaime, J.

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Physics Tree – Malik Rakhmanov

The system can’t perform the operation now. Advanced Search Include Citations. LSC subsystem final design.


Laser beams and resonators. Design, modelling, and testing.

malik rakhmanov thesis

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Physics Today, page 93, May.

malik rakhmanov thesis

I thank him for the opportunity to carry on an apprenticeship into elementary particle physics and string theory. Physical Review D 85 8, Privacy policy Powered by Invenio v1.

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Guido Mueller University of Florida Verified email at phys. Thermal noise in the initial LIGO interferometers.

An optical probe for solids and surfaces.

malik rakhmanov thesis