It is about college students in a top brass university in Pakistan. The reason behind this is the sorry state of affairs at secondary schools. In both these ways, I feel that teaching complements my research. Excellent write up sir, its true there are very few safe topics which can be discussed openly otherwise we cant even imagine to speak out our minds. Look at the officials, bureaucrats, representatives and rulers — they were the students of yesteryears.

You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. Excellent article once again. Religious fundamentalism pertains to the belief that life ought to be ordered according to the fundamental principles stipulated by the original texts or practices of a religion. Just to add to it, let me tell u i ve seen several examples of students at Harvard and MIT lacking even the basic knowledge of their own history, let alone asian history and its impact on them. I feel that while the article provides an opportunity to erase the misconceptions prevalent in the minds of foreigners, we should keep open the possibility that an outsider might also see some things we might have missed because we are too close to them.

The university might loglc you to read Iliad but cannot make you appreciate it or seek out Odyssey. Excellent Sir, critical thinking must be focused in every domain.

Indian online newspapers are packed with pop-up adverts that they are a torture to read. In today’s world we as an engineers are even not allowed to think critically ,philosophy ,religion comes later. Critical thinking should be initiated to be developed from the early childhood and that doesn’t necessitate question religion or millitary etc.


logic and critical thinking course outline lums

Would you agree that such a possibility can exist? A year or two before the Partition, Jinnah would tell the Muslim industrialist Habib Rahimtoola that he wished to form a Muslim airline: Maybe Pakistan needs to take a leaf out of Turkey’s book. As Dr Schweber states, the problem lies in secondary school education.

You have arise very simple but foundation outline to introduce “critical thinking” in higher critlcal and related challanges in pakistan’s Society. For example, given an assignment to compare and contrast the positions of Hobbes and Mills on the balance between liberty and equality, in what language would they best be able to write their answer?

However, within LUMS, diversity is cherished and also maintained due to strict policies of our institution. Pakistanis are number one in that department, according to Google. I am glad you noticed the outright mistreatment of other people and racism.

logic and critical thinking course outline lums

Zubair bin Umer in Houston. College kids all over the world can be this way…. For a fair critique of them, we should have at our disposal the tools to measure their direct and indirect impact.

When you have such a large military for a nation this size, every family is bound to have a relative in the extended family.

Critical thinking and it’s acceptance will lead to better civilisation. LUMS is known for its cultural diversity all over Pakistan.

Logic and critical thinking course outline lums

However, a hope has no end. I believe it a good sign, but we have to wait for the reaction before we can judge In this context some may even argue that to question americans about events that did not touch them in direct and tangible ways is unfair.


The ability of college students at the leading Pakistani university the equivalent of the Ivy league in the US to analyze and discuss issues critically in the context of a history of ideas Western, Oriental or Eastern, it does not mattersay for example, What is secularism? I took a course from him. Two thoughts come to mind.

Thinking critically — really? – Newspaper –

The response to this post is atypical. No critical thinking no way out from this vicious cycle we are in. Nationalism is a force is thinoing sufficiently explored, nor is the enduring legacy of colonial rule ever discussed.

Christianity went through a terrible period of religion-based violence in Europe that ultimately led to the separation of church and state so that religious coercion is now an offence against the law.

By contrast, the same students thhinking of a pervasive anti-religious bias. Well i am afraid no Sir. Muddassar Abbasi Even in engineering there is an absence of critical thinking.

logic and critical thinking course outline lums

They should all be required thinkibg do a day of social work to graduate …. Being a part of both systems of education Pakistani and WesternI can relate to this article. Anything and everything is gauged in a certain way by the student body in general.