Net under Project Topics and Materials. Meat is a major source of protein and have valuable qualities of vitamins for most people in many parts of the world, thus they are essential for the growth, repair and maintenance of body cells which is necessary for our everyday activities. This can be achieved by. Animal by-products with economic value obtained from animals are classified as ether edible or inedible food merchandises for human consumption. Joe Project Store Item Type: Discrete bacteria colonies were observed and each colomy was gram stained and examined microscopically. This can be achieved by -keeping high risk food at temperature that will inhibits the growth of bacteria – Ensuring that during preparation, food is in the damger zone foras short time as possible.

As a result of this, the prevention of contamination of food is to be adhered to. The significance of this work is to enable those producers to improve the hygiene of the food Suya meat and a good knowledge of safe food handling practice, suitable protective clothing to be worn and it will also enable us to be aware of various pathogenic organic and infection they transmit through food Suya meat. It is that part of animal that provides major source of protein in west African food. They are capable of causing illness. In meat processing, it is highly desirable to reassess the potential tissues for making edible and attractive foods from the substantial amount of slaughterhouse products that are often wasted. You are reading project material titled: The factor influencing microbial growth includes acidity pH, temperature, water activity, gaseous requirement, nutrient and competition of microbes for the nutrient.

The fact that there are sporadic cases of inflammation of the stomach and the intestines that the product indeed constitute a food safety risk Odusole and Akinyanju ; Inyanget al.


Beef have been the major supply of meat in Nigeria as a result of extensive and semi-intensive cattle production system in Nigeria by Fulani and Hausa people of the northern Nigeria.

HI Hawked suya meat sold around ESBS, metropolies contain micro organisms but the load is not enough to cause disease. In Nigerian, exact statistics of storage losses of smoked meat is not available, but observations reveal that post processing losses of smoked meat do occur during storage.


Public concern has vison due to numerous food scandals such as those surrounding bovine spongiform encephalopathy and roof and mouth disease epidemics and food borne disease which remain substantial burden. In the industrialized world, foodborne infection causes considerable illness, heavily affecting health care systems Adak et al. The high ultimate Ph of meat generally makes it very susceptible to microbial growth even under the best handling or manufacturing conditions and practice Hedrick et al.

It was then taken to the laboratory for analysis the samples were homogenized and serial dilution of the sample was made out using 5 ml sterile pipette and test tubes.

This project work is carried at the isolation and characterization of pathogenic bacteria from hawked suya meat, were bought in full from the sellers and was collected in raps of aluminum foil.

Food is a complex issue, where animal proteins such as meats, meat products, fish and fishery products are generally regarded as high risk commodity in respect of pathogen content, natural toxins and other possible contaminants and adulterants Yousef et al.

The prime cuts apart from resulting from resulting in the product with price might not be better than the cuts from less choice parts of the carcass in terms of product yield and eating qualities.

The smoke produced as a number of effects including preservative effect resulting from the deposition of organic compounds all presents in the smoked product Suya literqture.


Hawked suya meat sold around kenule metropolis contain pathogenic microorganisms. Works on bacteria associated with Suya meat exist, those on Suya meat sold in Bori metropolis are scarce. Since literqture has a high nutritive value, microorganisms could easily grow on it. The result revealed that the hygienic condition of the meat have fallen below acceptable standard for human comsumption.

This research therefore, was designed to evaluate the following null hypothesis H0 and alternate hypothesis H1. There are different types of meat from different types of animals, eg pork meat pig literaure goat beef cow.


Please, sit back and study the below research material carefully. One possible improvement would be a repid and accurate detection system for microbial spoilage. The meat is first sliced into smaller pieces and the spices are rubbed onto it, it is later oven driedor reveiw local source of heart.


Meat can be served as prepared meat product eg corn beef, fried meat, cooked meat and suya, meat smoke meat. Suya meat is a boneless lean meat of mutton beef, goat, chicken meat stacked on sticks coated with sauces, oiled and then roasted over wood using a fire from charcoal.

literature review on suya meat

It is a major cause borne infections and illness and death worldwide. The dilution were then cultured on different media, macconkey agar, nutrient agar and blood agar end later incubated at c for 24 hours.

Discussion, Conclusion, Recommendation And References. Due to the chemical composition and characteristic, meat are highly perishable food which provides excellent source of growth of many hazardous microorganisms that can cause infection in human and also lead to meat spoilage and economic loss.

Isolation And Characterization Of Bacteria Associated With Hawked Suya- Meat

Meat is the flesh of animals which serves as food; it is obtained from sheep, cattle, goat and swine Hamman, Animal by-products with economic value obtained from animals are literatre as ether edible or inedible food merchandises for human consumption. Project Material Report this? This can be achieved by 1.

literature review on suya meat

Cured smoked tongue has high biological and economical value and relies literaature on conventional processing procedures. Generally, meat is an excellent in supplying high quality protein, vitamins and minerals salts. It is a popular, traditionally processed meat product that is served hot and sold along streets, at clubs, picnics centers, and restaurants and within institutions.

The possible sources of contamination are through slaughtering of sick animals, washing the meat with dirty water, handling by butchers, contamination by flies, processing close to sewage or refuse dumps environment, spices, transportation and use of contaminated equipment such as knife and other utensils.