Gi-Fi allows a full-length high definition movie to be transferred between two devices in seconds. The tiny five-millimeter-a-side chip can transmit data through a wireless connection at a breakthrough five gigabits per second over distances of up to 10 meters. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Created by telecoms vendor Ericsson in , it was originally conceived as a wireless alternative to RS data cables. Amongst these advantages is the removal of the need for too much cabling, insecurity of contents and power consumption. This technology can only be accounted for short distance of at least 11yards which is a short distance. Within 5 years, we expect Gi-Fi to be the dominant technology for wireless technologies.

An entire High-Definition HD movie could be transmitted to a mobile phone in a few seconds, and the phone could then upload the movie to a home computer or screen at the same speed. As time elapses, Ross and John et. Also offers long range connectivity, high security, low power utilization and excellent quality of service QOS. It offers some advantages over Wi-Fi, a similar wireless technology, in that it offers faster information rate in Gbps, less power consumption and low cost for short range transmissions. International Journal of Computer Applications. In wireless pan networks:

Point-to-point wireless systems operating at 60 GHz have been used for many years by the intelligence community for high security communications and by the military for satellite to satellite communications. Hotly contested area Short-range wireless technology is a hotly contested area, with research teams around the world racing to be the first to launch such a product.

The recorded power consumption is as low as 2mwatts. Gi-Fi will helps to push wireless communications to faster drive. Entire transmission system can be built on a cost effective single silicon chip that operates in the unlicensed, GHz spectrum reveiw. A wireless device implements complex functionalitycomplex andfunctionality requiresand arequires largea large amount ofamount circuitryof andcircuitry consequentlyand consequently, requires a large conventional package to enhance overall performances.


It will transfer gigabits of information with in seconds Broadcasting video signal transmission system in sports stadium: Speed of Gi-Fi is 5 Gbps.

With high level of frequency reuse it can fulfil the communication needs of multiple customers within a small geographical region. Help Center Find new research papers in: In which a small antena used and both transmitter- receiver integrated on a single chip.

High level of frequency re-use enabled communication needs of multiple customers within a small geographic region can be satisfied. It is noticed that most android devices when used to browse or transmit data are usually hot.

It will transfer gigabits of information with in seconds Broadcasting video signal transmission system in sports stadium:. When we talk about parked state, it means the secondary station can synchronize with the primary station but no communication will take place. This technology can only be accounted for short distance of at least 11yards which is a short distance. The patent issues surrounding the use of GIF for online graphics are of particular interest to web developers who, of necessity, rely upon and make use of industry- sponsored and supported standards in applications created for the internet.


Once integrated, the device will be setup to communicate with technollogy chip. For transferring large amount of videos ,audios, data files take hours of time. IRJES, 3 gifj35 – The benefits and features of this new technology can be helpful for use in development of the next generation of devices and places. There are many usage scenarios that can be addressed by Gi-Fi.


This technology is a proposed solution for the problem faced by the present wireless communication technologies available.

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It deploys line of sight operation having only shorter coverage area, it has more flexible architecture. Next generation wireless technology. The sheer density of the signal would allow a chip to send as much as 5 gigabits per second. It has maximum coverage area with 50kms than Wi-Fi supports only m. Chapter 2 describes the reason for pushing into Gi-Fi technology and currently using technologies i. It can connect several devices, overcoming problems of synchronization.

literature review on gifi technology

It is highly portable and can be constructed in everywhere. Gi-Fi is a wireless technology which promises high speed short range data transfers with speeds of up to 5Gbps within a range of 10 meters. The Gi-Fi standard has been developed with many objectives in technologh.

The combined effects of O2 absorption and narrow beam spread result in high security and low interference 4. This means his team is head and shoulders in front of the competition in terms of price and power demand. History of Wireless Communications.

literature review on gifi technology

Vehicles too can take advantage and security of these devices to communicate with one another. As go on development the price will be decreased.