In the Virgin Islands, the annual dry matter yield of forage from D. Dictionary of the economic products of India. Antimicrobial activity of Solanum tomentosum. A longhorn beetle, known principally as a pest of citrus, it also infests other trees, both dicotyledons and conifers, including D. Section 10 – Terrestrial Ecology delonix During Januarya large literature outbreak of the review looper, Boarmia selenaria [Ascotis selenaria], was observed on several trees of D.

It includes 12 species, 9 of which are native to Madagascar Puy et al. Effect of hot water treatment on the germination of seeds of Albizia lebbeck and Delonix regia. It has been observed that maximum adsorption takes place in slight alkaline medium All rights reserved by www. Allelopathy and sustainable agriculture. Plant products as antimicrobial agents.

Results showed reduction in mortality rate in an isoproterenol SO -induced heart injury and hypertrophy mouse model. A fungus, Pleiochaeta setosa, has been noticed on D.

Kavitha environments and hence not readily removed by typical Delonis been studied the adsorption using low-cost activated waste treatment processes [1]. As one of the most beautiful ornamental trees in the tropics it has a very high litersture value.

This attacks the cotyledons of germinating seedlings and the leaves of young seedlings, causing shrivelling, leaf death and leaf shedding, but not mortality. Majority of medicinal literatures have been proved in-vitro for their therapeutic activities against E.


Delonix regia (flamboyant)

A guide to species selection for tropical and sub-tropical plantations. Dyestuffs are prominent organic pollutants that industry use and discharge into reiga and subsurface water bodies. Most of the using batched or stirred tank flow reactors for the removal dyes have complex aromatic structures, which are resistant of methylene blue from dilute industrial effluents.

Orthezia insignis is also very widely distributed in the tropics, subtropics and warmer parts of temperate zones. In this study 0.

literature review on delonix regia

Flowering trees in India. Properties – Antispasmodic, antirheumatic.

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litfrature Effect of celonix water treatment on the germination of seeds of Albizia lebbeck and Delonix regia. Both demonstrated anthelmintic activity. A golden-yellow flowered form has been described as var. Results showed significant hypoglycemic effect on glucose-loaded mice at every dose. It has an extensive superficial root system, which renders it vulnerable to windthrow during storms Menninger, Study was done to estimate the total phenolic and flavonoidal content of the flowers.

The effect of pH on methylene blue adsorption was studied by performing Fig.

literature review on delonix regia

Study reports on the biosynthesis of palladium nanoparticles Pd-NPs using D. Encyclopaedia of woody plants: Int Res J Pharma. The compound leaves of D. Batch Sorption Experiment In batch sorption, a pre-determined amount of adsorbent is mixed with the sample, stirred for a given contact time and subsequently separated by filtration. Pharmacognostic and Phytochemical Investigation of Relonix carica Linn.


J Asian Nat Prod Res. Effect of adsorbent dosage on Methylene blue 80 Leaves rebia flowers of D. A forest flora for the Punjab with Hazara and Delhi. Study evaluated various extracts of leaf and seed of Delonix regia and A.

Environmental Impact Top of page D. N-hexane extracts of different plants like Terminalia catappa and Dodonaea viscose have been found with no delonix activities [ 11 ],[ 93 ]. Antimicrobial activity of Solanum tomentosum. Study evaluated the antimicrobial activity of various extracts of whole plant and root bark of D.

literature review on delonix regia

History of Introduction and Spread Top of page D. Survey of invasive alien plant species on Gros Piton, Saint Lucia.