If the Lancia Thesis’s driver activates ‘Immediate operation’ and the fuel level is on reserve, the computer informs the driver with a message and asks whether or not to continue. And rear screen sunblinds but you have to fiddle them up manually. The aim is to make the motorist’s life easier and simpler. Their structure is also very fine and light. When the only car occupant with a CID in their pocket moves away from the car when it is running e. After that, I was mostly focused on 6-speed gearbox first time I used it,… so after first downshift from sixth to third, luckily at really low speed, I took extra precaution not to repeat same mistake again!

Vai alla pagina di reimpostazione della password , inserisci il tuo indirizzo e-mail e premi il pulsante di invio. The ride is impressively smooth without being floaty. Like they tried to make it more sporty, tighter, harder…really, I believe it was unnecessary. This veritable factory produces services and information days a year. The rear Comfort seats also offer ventilation, heating, adaptivity and massage functions the massage lasts 12 minutes.

Lancia Thesis V6 Review – Driven To Write

These gadgets allow semi-active suspension in that the damper rates can be varied by computer management to suit faukt driving conditions and driving style. Another important phone function is to act as a support for emergency calls to the contact centre in Arese. Both the modern Citroen and the modern Lancia seem like fuzzy interpretations of their forebears, created from a third generation template where essential details have been lost in each transcription.

In many ways I think FCA suffers from Roveritis, which is to say that, while they have people in their ranks who are individually talented and work hard, management is fundamentally an inept cancer that continually enables a deep-seated culture of close-enough-is-good-enough. A V6 does everything a Thesis does but is more wieldy. They feature large, round, clear, 3-D faces with numbers that apparently float in space the reference is to the Aurelia and the Flaminia, two cars that play an important role in brand thfsis.


For this reason, the Lancia Thesis comes with a sophisticated climate control system that automatically controls skynook, air flow, air distribution, compressor activation and recirculation by means of an electronic control skyhpok.

The information is then transmitted to the driver in the form of bleeps at intervals. Simply press – your little finger will do – a microswitch located inside the handle and you will be able to pull the door to effortlessly.

Lancua the devil is in the detail. And they are handled well. Keyless System The innovative Keyless System makes it easy and convenient to get into your Lancia Thesis and start the engine. It may also be complemented with a cable receiver located in the lanciw central armrest. This Air Quality Sensor AQS allows the occupants of the Lancia Thesis to breathe clean air at all times, even when driving through town or in traffic jams and tunnels.

TA traffic newsPTY the code used by radio stations to indicate the type of music broadcast so that the radio set can fqult select only the listener’s favourite music and RDS. Whilst the chassis and power train of the Thesis were quite conventional, Lancia was in some sense leading the way by lanica the mechanicals with a dizzying superabundance of extra equipment, digital trinkets and electric novelties, more than one could list fully in wkyhook space allowed.

Instead a car journey will become a time in our day that allows us to maintain contact with the outside world and even offers a few extra opportunities. The sensor controls the recirculation function that is turned on automatically to block the intake of outside air into the car when driving through places with high smog levels.

These can be reconfigured automatically when the macrofunction keys are pressed. During the trip it also offers traffic news and converts it to written messages that can be re-read later.

lancia thesis skyhook fault

Let’s take a look in detail. The device can also be activated by a radio remote control unit.

lancia thesis skyhook fault

When the device is turned on for the first time, tthesis information is displayed on the screen after the Lancia logo. The Lancia Thesis is therefore fitted as standard with innovative ‘bi-Xenon’ headlamps that, as the name suggests, generate high and low beams from a single xenon bulb.


Saloon far better rigid structure than SW. Thanks for dropping by. The system may be adjusted to one of seven set combinations to allow air taken into the car to reach all areas of the passenger compartment: For the Mondeo driver, half the refinements of the Thesis would have been enough, so long as the car was at least as good to drive. Paul, you can always try the old trick of removing the battery earth lead then refitting it, fwult see if it clears the fault. They are htesis indicated on the display by the code ‘Auto’ instead of ‘Full Auto’ and stored until the user cancels the command.

Two of the main attributes of the Lancia Thesis rear suspension are its ability, during steering, to exploit loads that tend rhesis lead to transverse camber and its ability to optimise rear wheel camber angle in relation to the ground again on corners.

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The device uses micropores in a central trim strip to generate a more homogeneous, pleasant and noiseless form of ventilation. Under normal circumstances you turn on the ignition key and the system starts. And have chatted to owners, who do huge mileages happily.

I must say that I could have written something slightly different a week ago and I could write a review with another angle next skyhoook. Once you have adjusted the position of the seats and two door mirrors, you can save them by pressing one of the three keys at the side of the front bench for about three seconds.