This may be in the areas of accounting, external audit, internal audit, or tax CMO No. Retrieved March 29, E. Realizing, what the company is looking for is one of the keys to a successful interview Tassini, Under this industry is the Tanauan City High School. This means that the practicumers did not encounter any problem in their OJT in terms of school support.

A brief definition would be that personality is made up of the characteristic pattern of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that make a person unique. Trainers suggest reading about the job function or work-related problem in appropriate procedure memos, equipment manuals, or other written sources of information before a lecture is given. The practicum of BSA is conducted during summer of third year such that the student must have a third year standing. It is the teaching by a student under the supervision of an experienced teacher Webster Dictionary. After 30 minutes the researcher was able to take note the discussions. If I hear and see, I will remember.

Some front-desk jobs, in a hotel for example, not only greet and assist customers, but also ensure the details of their stay are accurate.

la consolacion college thesis format

They have difficulty in scheduling the ocular visits in the host establishment due to different practicum sites. Such therefore, include accounting, tradesman ship like mechanic or plumbing servicescomputer services, restaurants, tourism, etc Cruz A superior does not set a positive example to 1.

la consolacion college thesis format

Kirkpatrick give four levels of evaluation model to evaluate if the training is effective or not. The coordinator will then endorse the students to the host establishment for possible available slot and will start upon consoolacion approval of the manager. This process exposes the students to the different fields of specialization.

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In recognition of this learning behaviours, CMO No. Set of behaviors, which encompass skills, knowledge, abilities and attributes Bhattacharyya, It is a system of training people who are learning how to do a job which needs special skill Cabulay, Through this study, the researcher as practicum coordinator will be guided as to the policies and guidelines which will help her in monitoring the performance of the student trainees. More specifically, it described the OJT Program of La Consolacion College Tanauan in terms of qualifications of students, industry linkages; and required number of hours.


Inadequate knowledge regarding the task assigned 1. There can never be any difference because they were all assessed as excellent.

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Thus, cooperating industries should provide the student trainees with the necessary reserves needed to improve their performance level consolaxion proficiency and specific skills and field of specialization. A work experience in OJT is important in applying for a job. Lack of congruency between competencies learned in automotive. On-the-job training OJT is one of the best training methods because it is planned, organized, and conducted at the employee’s worksite.

Negative attitudes can also have a direct impact on physical and mental health.

la consolacion college thesis format

Part II looked into the assessment of host establishments on the performance of practicumers in terms of competence, skills, attitudes and personality. Second, is the learning focuses on the resulting increase in knowledge and conoslacion. It is the teaching by a student under the supervision of an experienced teacher Webster Dictionary.

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The formal process by which ka relative worth of various jobs in the organization is determined for pay purposes Ivancevich, The first is their difficulty in monitoring the practicumers because the host establishment are located in different areas and therefore are very far from the school.


To provide a deeper analysis, the researcher conducted an interview with the practicumers. Second, by the time you have completed the experience you should have a clear and articulate understanding of whether or not you really want to be an educational leader.

Room attendants are responsible for the cleanliness of rooms in hotels, motels, and resorts. The increase productivity of the workforce is due mainly to the increase in the education and training of the people. Workers, who may have a positive attitude about their company and the role they play within the company, are generally happier than workers who hate their company, loathe their job and feel frustrated and hhesis about themselves and their work. collegw

Season 2 is ON! Questions asked from the practicumers were prepared by the researcher to substantiate the study.

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These are cognitive which is focused on the mental skills, affective which is the growth in feelings or emotional areas and psychomotor which is the manual or physical skill. In this program, the students will have the chance to apply the skills, knowledge, and attitude learned in the school. Secretaries, office clerks and administrative assistants often perform such general work. Working for a company of which the employee can be proud — because of its purpose, its products their quality and their impact on customers and societyits business success, its business ethics treatment of customers, employees, investors, and communityand the quality of its leadership.