And you left McKinley, to go to Dalton, where Blaine was. It’s time for all of us to walk into the sunshine together, forever. Darren Criss will be the next Hedwig on Broadway. He turns into a pile of gooey, mush, easily manipulated. Just In All Stories:

The only thing worth doing is going toward love. Blaine answers the door and, seeing Kurt out-of-breath, asks if his ex is okay. It was successful, of course. We’ve seen Kurt when he gets emotional. My Nude Erections, Blaine’s little birds, our families.

Dad, you have always been my rock, and I will always be there for you.

As Rachel rearranges the chairs to put herself next to Sam, Santana notices that Sue is on the list and insists that her former coach and mentor is not invited. He was also good at hiding things from me.

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This was Kurt and Blaine during their “just friends” stage at Dalton. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

Not that you should ever change. Let me tell you, I was ready to put a shotgun to his gelled-head.

What You Missed on “Glee”: The Brittana Wedding Takes Shape as Klaine Gets Back Together

During meetings, no less. Apparently, she just showed up for this dance. I don’t know if that’s because they weddijg did anything, or if they were really good at hiding it.


I will never forget that kiss Blaine. He was smiling brighter, and he was laughing again. Would you like to view this in our US edition? Then Blaine came along, and stole you from me. And truthfully, they might have been stuck with eye-sex forever, if it hadn’t been for the Warblers.

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Way to not show preference for one couple over another. Always and forever, the best people ever, and divas for life. She asks him if she can ask him something, though, and as he sits she sneaks the ring box behind her back. And you left McKinley, to go to Dalton, where Blaine was.

Oh, quit whining, Tina. When my son, Kurt came home all those years ago, with Red-Dye 50 on his clothes, and bruises on his arms, I felt ready to march down to that school and beat the living crap out of all those jocks. Tina has the ring and everything, but Artie tries to convince her that proposing to Mike weddign crazy.

Jenna Ushkowitz sepech such a terrific comedienne and her talents are just wasted when Tina is written this way.

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Brittany likes the idea. I only saw the two of them on weekends, if that, and even I could see the eye-sex going on. Brittany does ho-down in a Western dress, and then models one with LED-lights sewn in that makes my eyes bleed from pure tackiness. Turns out, Blaine had kissed him.


klaine wedding speech

When Kurt was at Dalton, I had no idea who Blaine mlaine was, past Kurt’s rants, until he appeared in Kurt’s bed, hungover and thoroughly embarrassed. Where all Dalton guys like this?

Just In All Stories: Our website is made possible by wedving online advertisements to our visitors. Grilled Cheesus himself couldn’t change you. Gosh, when I first met you, I had the biggest crush on you. He’s got this huge grin on his face, and he’s humming, and he looked really happy. Um, yes, actually, some people prepare for lots of things rather than rush in prematurely. All Hail the Queens: Is your venue structurally sound?