I got addicted to pills. However, there has started to be more male diversity. So I’m taking time to analyse the male psyche. People mess up when they’re 16! Do you believe that will happen? How will it be in five years? Especially one who was taller and developed.

School was always the place where I could shine. Then I found LA, this community, and all this information about how I can translate that experience into something meaningful. My little sister’s really beautiful. What was your day to day as a teenager? Part of the reason you enjoy talking to the singer is her emotional fluidity:

I feel like Western civilisation is on the brink of completely breaking down. Do you believe that will happen?

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So I’m taking time to analyse the male psyche. Growing up, which fictional character did you relate to? It’s 8am LA time when we Skype Avriel pronounced ah-vree-ELwhose apparent joie de vivre means she spends most of the hourlong chat beaming like a lighthouse, patrolling the apartment in extremely tiny workout shorts and, in moments of modesty, stretching down her faded Death Row tee to cover herself while giggling privately.

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I would like to receive the Dazed Digital newsletter. That was the darkest time. I was doing a lot of drugs — a lot — and I was living out of my car, sleeping at random people’s houses. I make choices to react to things. I had this regular job with Billabong, modelling afriel.


But now we realise, like, sharing what avrie, had for breakfast is really superficial, we need a more intimate understanding. It’s about how the oppressed group has a responsibility to liberate the oppressor at the same time as themselves.

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I think, Why the fuck did I have to go through that? I feel like the virile American Empire is just not working for people anymore, around the world. And hopefully the Trwcklist experience is gonna change, because it’s so unfortunate that we’re still perceived as second class citizens around the world. I got addicted to pills. What was your day to day as a teenager?

That’s the reason my body was changing. I was in a terrible abusive relationship, on multiple levels.

Stream the debut album from new R&B voice King avriel

My little sister’s really beautiful. Everybody who sees her thinks she’s at least 10 years older than she is.

From it was really bad. What happened to your modelling career? And I’m sure I’ve done that to other people. So the first song deals with my relationship with my dad and how that affected my relationships with men. One time I was in my swimsuit, hair and makeup done, and when they come around for last checks Plus, mixed women in media are always represented as this sex-symbol, Jezebel type character and I definitely internalised that as a teenager.


king avriel thesis tracklist

But one thing they have in common is that they pathologise their female characters, portray them as broken women.

But I mean, everything is my own doing. One night she almost got arrested for drinking and attempting to drive. In interviews and your blogs, you come across as quite literate and travklist.

Download King avriel’s ‘Thesis’ Album

It felt like the only place I had power — through my sexuality. Sometimes avriep create bad situations for you. Something I’m really interested in is ancient world history, and I see these similarities I was in the studio but without an end goal. I don’t think I’m hard on myself; I’m actually grateful for it.

king avriel thesis tracklist