There are a variety of issues resulting from this. The Thar Desert faces a number of challenges for the future:. GCSE bitesize or www. There are more benefits than disadvantages. To combat this Northuimbria water, the company responsible for water supply in the North East, have constructed Kielder Water.

The reservoir is linked to the exit point of the Derwent Reservoir in County Durham, with a pipeline fed from the North Tyne river below the Kielder dam. Two hydro-electric generators installed at Kielder dam convert latent energy into electricity for the nation grid. A worthwhile investment and believe it will be beneficial of the future. Case study Quizlet Water Management Quizlet. Rivers that flow into cities like Middlesbrough and Sunderland have much more water in them. Each year the Forestry Commission harvests around half a million cubic metres of timber with the wood being used for many applications:. Advantages Kielder reservoir has brought many advantages:

kielder water case study facts

Farmland and many habitats were lost when the land behind the dam flooded. For more information about these opportunities please email Enquiries.

Northumberland’s Kielder Water in 35 facts – 35 years after it was officially opened

The scheme is a regional transfer system designed to allow water from Kielder Reservoir in the north csae to be released into the Rivers Tyne, Derwent, Wear and Tees. Click to play Tap to play. The birds have bred successfully in Northumberland every season since the species returned to the North East.

A dam holds back sediment, especially the gravel and pebbles.


Also, fewer pebbles travel downstream, which impacts on habitats. Many families were moved from their homes in order to make way for the dam and reservoir. Kielder water by rgamesby.

Examples of these are volunteering opportunities.

Kielder forest employs up to employees. Half a million trees were cut down. Kielder reservoir has brought many advantages: Kielder Water works closely with Northumberland Wildlife Trust and other partners to develop and protect the local wildlife. Fatcs that srudy into cities like Middlesbrough and Sunderland have much more water in them.

More On Northumberland Kielder. Posted by Unknown at When the dam was completed it flooded an area of scenic natural beauty. The lake is 52 metres at its deepest point.

kielder water case study facts

Finally, the construction of the lake saw the loss of a number of farms, houses and a school, with some families being forced to move out of the area. It holdslitres The dam is over 1km long In the process.

How it all works | Kielder Water and Forest Park

It can act as a flood prevention measure. Kielder water was built in the era of the dominant chemical and steel industry, especially in Teessisde. The first example in the UK of a regional water grid, it was designed to meet the demands of the north east well into wter future.

Kielder Forest is managed sustainably and is a valuable home and sanctuary for many species of flora and fauna, including deer, squirrels birds of prey, border mires with peat bog plant species. In this case few people watee badly affected.


Why Ukip’s Richard Elvin wants your vote We’ve invited all seven parties standing in the EU election in the North East to set out their pitch to voters. Subscribe to our Daily newsletter Privacy notice Enter email Subscribe. Package sutdy all lessons on the topic as well as my own resources I produced. Supervolcanoes Case Study Yellowstone Earthquake Water is released directly into the River North Tyne; from the River Tyne at Riding Mill it is pumped through a tunnel under the high land between river valleys.

Kielder is one of the last places for red squirrels in England Clean water released from the dam has the increased potential for erosion downstream gacts the dam — this is known as clear water erosion. Kielder water supplements caxe River Derwent flow when the reservoir is low and fed into the pipe distribution system.

The growing population created a high demand for water. Each year the Forestry Commission harvests around wter a million cubic metres of timber with the wood being used for many applications: The main cities Newcastle, Sunderland etc and towns Middlesbrough are on the East coast, one of the driest places in the British Isles.

kielder water case study facts