The specific bombing for which he was sentenced to death resulted in the deaths of 3 persons. By March , fearful of the judge’s safety, he was promoted to the District Judge position and transferred by the government to Muzaffarpur , Bihar. Khudiram replied that he sure had. The defiance of Jugantar saw it face 5 a lot of prosecutions that left it in money ruins by A mere boy of 18 or 19 years old, who looked quite determined.

The trial started on 21st May , and Bose, along with two others, faced the panel. After boarding a train From Samastipur, Prafulla was to get down at Mokamaghat, from where he intended to get on a train to Howrah. He was hanged on 11 August Kingsford was so alerted by the superintendent, however had neglected the warnings. By that time it was publicly announced that a prize of Rs.

At the nascent age of sixteen, Bose was defying police after planting bombs near police stations and targeting government officials.

Prafulla committed suicide before the arrest. What many teens had dreamt of doing, he did that. Under the guidance of his lawyers, Khudiram submitted a new statement denying any involvement or responsibility in any aspect or stage of the entire mission and operation down to the bombing. For the next few days they closely determined the daily routine, activities and movements of their target, Kingsford, taking note of his timings at the court, the club and his house. bbose

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What Is the Hindu belief about the life cycle of the world? Khudiram Bose in Click here to cancel reply. Let us not forget the ones who were instrumental in giving us the great nation we know today. Khudiram took part in planting bombs close to police stations and targeted government officials at the age of sixteen.


Retrieved 11 August On 23rd May, Khudiram resubmitted his statement to the magistrate, denying any responsibility for the attack. Khudiram initially refused, but after persuasion from his counsellors, agreed to appeal.

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Born on December 3,in the small village of Habibpur situated under the Keshpur Police Station in the Midnapore district of West Bengal, Khudiram was the son of a Tehsildar, the fourth child in a family of three daughters. Gandhi’s encounter with the Indian revolutionaries.

He lost his mother once he was six year old. By morning, Khudiram had walked 25 miles and he reached a station called Waini.

The entire town descended at the police station to take a look khuviram the teenage khydiram surrounded by a team of armed policemen. Khudiram and Prafulla watched the usual movements of Kingsford and prepared a plan to kill him.

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After a couple of questions, their suspicion became stronger, and they decided to detain Khudiram. Khudiram was taken to the house of the district magistrate, Mr. Khudiram Bose was sentenced to death on August 11, on the charges of bomb attacks.

khudiram bose essay

However, that would be in vain, as the judge would ultimately sentence him to death. Further, Prafulla’s suicide on the verge of capture only reinforces the possibility of his being the actual thrower of the bombs.


khudiram bose essay

The two revolutionaries successfully hid their identities for over three weeks. During this time, the two of them wrote to one of their mentors, Barindra Kumar Ghosh, the eminent revolutionary and the younger brother of Sri Aurobindo, whenever they needed money, addressing the Barindra with the code-name “Sukumar” for safety.

On the other hand, Prafulla had traveled long arduous hours. Wealth and safety Lack of land and His mother was Lakshmipriya Devi. When the judge asked him essayy whether he had anything to say, in front of a packed audience, Khudiram replied with same smile that if he could be given some time, he could teach the judge the skill of bomb-making. Khudiram replied that he surely had. Miss Kennedy died within an hour and Mrs.

Do you have any questions? Khudiram was arrested and trialed for the murder of the two women, ultimately being sentenced to death. But after I entered Midnapore Collegiate School a change overtook me”. Having covered nearly 25 miles, he reached exhausted at a station called “Oyaini”.