The European political centre is being hollowed out. Progressives seek to build a fairer society, economy and polity; anticipate the opportunities and challenges that lie over the horizon; and then build for the future. Cyber-attacks from Pyongyang can affect the integrity of electoral systems Australia-wide. Infrastructure Australia will also need new sources of infrastructure financing. Enjoying the election coverage? Some our most senior politicians, immediately after showing that they were capable of courtesy and decent discourse, went on to display offensi

So too with our understanding of the broad sweep of our enduring, fundamental and existential national interests. The heroes of the left, like Whitlam, are almost always dead. Unless another catastrophe awaits us…. As in Canada, all corporate donations should be banned in Australia. The forces now arrayed against us in the world are too formidable for us to entertain the luxury of continuing national drift. Not only are the policy challenges formidable in themselves. But the international environment in which we operate is changing more rapidly than we think.

Australia will also need radically to enhance its strategic diplomacy across the Indo-Pacific region. It has now become a core and enduring national interest for us rurd. Unless another catastrophe awaits us….

Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Future tax reform must benefit low and middle income earners, not further advantaging the rich. Then it must develop an international agreement on global burden sharing for all potential destination countries, commensurate with national capacity and economic size.

And a complacent country will not do that for us. The Finkelstein Commission resulted in no real reforms to the concentration of media ownership in Australia. In fact, Turnbull ended up betraying practically everything he told us he esway cherished and capitulated on those things he once told us he despised most about the conservatives to whom he was always beholden on the far right of his party.


The Complacent Country | Kevin Rudd

That is the consistent conservative script. Nor does the planet itself. This is part of a wider psychosis on the part of the arm-chair left that always prefers to eat its esssay, rather than attack the conservatives.

New rules for the election of the party leader is one thing. It happened with Keating.

How Australia weathered the global financial crisis while Europe failed

Unlike conservatives, because of the values we also represent, but also because of the harsh realities of the historical record, we cannot choose to sweep uncomfortable facts arising from European occupation under the carpet, levin because they happen to be uncomfortable.

But the international environment in which we operate is changing more rapidly than we think. The reason Australia must act on climate change is not because our aggregate emissions are so large. Whereas we believe in the full monty.

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What those European countries wanted for, in other words, was Australian treasurer Peter Costello running their budgets in the long lead-up to We are perfectly entitled, based on the facts alone, to go on the attack.

Fear, deception and gravitas Enjoying the election coverage? Of course, this too is illusory because it seeks to sate contemporary anxiety and uncertainty with the most ancient of political remedies — xenophobia. All newspaper and journalistic activity is an intellectual brothel from which there is no retreat.

kevin rudd gfc essay

This core difference in our respective political cultures and ideological bearings remains as strong now as it ever was. So too with the deep, painful structural reforms to internationalise the Australian economy under the Hawke and Keating governments which the conservatives belatedly embraced, having done nothing through their years in office to do the same, despite the warning signs of an economy then in serious structural decline.


On April 2, parliament resumed after a brief recess to enable the Budget for the next year to be tabled, a necess Of course, these too will be shaped by our values. This represents a major assault on equality of opportunity for the future. The rud seek deliberately to deny an essential part of our common humanity — namely other-regardingness.

Similar caps could be imposed on individuals and institutions kegin to donate to the national campaign of a political party. Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change.

They are a natural constituency for the Australian Labor Party.

Equally it is an Australia that thinks big about the type of country we could become, of the new industries we can create from our own home-grown innovation, about the solutions to climate change and water we can pioneer, about how to preserve the peace and prosperity of an increasingly fractured region and world.

The cold hard truth is that Murdoch has become a cancer on the Australian, American and British democracies. For these reasons, as well as the takeover of Fairfax by Nine Media, the time has come for a full Royal Commission on the question of the abuse of media monopoly power in Australia.

The editor of the Australian Financial Review, one of the three major Fairfax mastheads, has run an editorial line for the better part of a decade that has consistently been one of the most right-wing in the country. And the sooner we realise this the better.