These people are teachers who volunteer their time to educate others in our art. Because Short 3 is an indexing of techniques unlike Short 1 and Long 1, it presents a different challenge. Understanding them is necessary for the successful execution of notes and strikes and consequently the successful practice of music and martial arts. The kiai could be used to prevent or win a battle without ever physically touching the opponent! This is the only intent of Kenpo moves, thus the perceived emotions created by Kenpo movements in the air are limited. Balance is important in executing your kick because, without proper balance, your kick is immediately in jeopardy. They are part of me now, an inerasable mark left by Doce Pares that I am immensely grateful for.

Dance is usually movement by humans as a result of hearing music and martial arts movements are usually done without hearing music. Discipline There is no book in existence, I believe, that can truly explain the mental discipline Martial Arts instills into an individual, in this case, American Kenpo Karate. I rushed into battle, I failed to understand my opponents weaknesses, his strengths, I failed to put myself In their shoes, I failed to look at the battle from my opponents perspective and point of view. He sent me back a black belt certificate. Originally Posted by crane By doing this I am implying a harmonic progression that follows the progression of the technique.

Tracks on CD, see appendix for notation The piece for Short 1 is simple yet effective.

In akrate fourth or fifth time sparring, arrogantly, and overly confident, I was called to spar, and was paired with Steve, a green belt at the time. Learning these lessons in the ring has been an enormous benefit for me: Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. Originally Posted by Rob Broad.


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Now that I have made a literal and metaphorical musical translation of Kenpo movements, I will make a comparison between a Kenpo practitioner and a musician. I was raised with education being a major part of my life. Through self analyzation and your quest for perfection, you will inevitably function independently. Humbleness An aspect that is never taught in class but is experienced in class is humbleness.

As I take the next steps in my martial arts journey, it is this same eager sense of protection that drives me forward. Andrea Pfefer Solow, when I grow up I want krate be like you. Timing is the way you perform a given rhythm. As a result, we must be observant, and react accordingly to our training and handle what is in front of us.

Double block, neutral bow 1.

The truth is, I really had a great time at those classes. Your educational background will be considered in evaluating your written thesis. Should the thesis be lengthy, divisions, such as chapters or their equivalent, should be used to divide the text.

kenpo thesis

Short 1, Long 1, Short 3 and Form 4. Apr 9, 5. A well-written black belt thesis. Apr 15, The weapon for a side and back kick is the heel of the foot.

kenpo karate thesis

However, last week, you were able to over come another opponent with a similar height zone as you, you were able to punch and kick to victory. That the “Thesis” even with all that was listed is still geared towards the abilities of the individual.


kenpo karate black belt thesis

Translating this into everyday life is simple. What matters most is what is in front of you, and right now.

American Kenpo forces you to look at your opponent, to respect them, and most importantly, to understand them. If others would like to post their thesis’, that’d be cool.

Protection is a fundamental principle in Kenpo. From the moment we met, Ms. While this is a reasonable definition, it ,enpo does not answer the real question. Your Black Belt Thesis.

kenpo karate thesis

This is the only intent of Kenpo moves, thus the perceived emotions created by Kenpo movements in the air are limited. As a whole, aside from the literal translation, I am trying to capture the general metaphor of each form and translate it to music, much like a film composer does when scoring a scene in a movie.

The air is then slowly forced out through an open mouth and the arms are lowered to the waist with a rasping sound that ends with a gasp to force out the final bit of air.