Please say hi to your pigeons for me! A Design So Vast. I feel lucky to know her. Posted May 25, at 4: Got a podcast for you. We will face diseases, many kinds, and will—temporarily—lose our hair, our figures and our minds.

Book clubs will swell and thin. Both comments and trackbacks are currently closed. It has been quite a year getting through two knee replacement surgeries, 30 physical therapy appointments, and all of the unknowns. Write to us at barbara speakwellbeing. It was amazing to see the words connect us all. Posted May 25, at 6: Read it, and then call one of your pigeons.

Hubby looked at me, nervously. Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic time with your pigeons!! It was amazing to see the words connect us all.

Keoly will be fixed. In light of my year and all of the sweet friends who sent prayers, presents and encouragement, the best thing I thought I could share with you in this last e-news for is this amazing reading by one of our newest speakers, Kelly Corrigan.

We will transcend, ladies

Now for the best part — decorating them, and that I can do sitting down. Trabscending a podcast for you. She wrote it for all the great women in her life, and so it is my pleasure to share her reading of it with all of the great women in my life.


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This video below, about acceptance, was written with–and for–many readers and friends who’ve shared stories with me over the years at readings, in emails, and on Facebook. Do you know Kate Bowler? Posted May 25, at We will nod in agreement that it is as much an honor to witness a person come into the world as it is to watch a person leave it.

The essay is also a bonus transcebding the paperback edition of The Middle Place, due in bookstores Dec.

If you will be sailing to Nantucket, I will be on Brant Point cheering your wonderful team of women along! Posted Transcendung 25, at 9: The Middle Place is one of my favorite books!

AOL users click here or please call anytime and let us assist you. How to Raise an Adult Book. Corfigan the biggest thing I’ve had to say since Transcending and I share it in the same spirit, namely wanting so much to be useful to you in some small way. Prioritize love above all else.


kelly corrigan transcending essay

Last night, I amazed myself and stood transcendinh the kitchen for two hours cutting out Christmas cookies — my favorite holiday baking. Posted May 25, at 8: Contact us now by phone or email for immediate assistance. Posted May 25, at 5: It still makes me weep. Write to us at barbara speakwellbeing. Please say hi to your pigeons for me!

When it comes, and it will come, we will cry as we howl as we clutch as we circle. They are my dedicated fleet. Read it, and then call one of your pigeons.

Transcending: Words on Women and Strength | KarmaTube

Things will break, they always do. I just went to my 20th Exeter reunion, and it was unexpectedly soul nourishing in every way. The podcast episode is up now and I’ve already heard from a dozen people

kelly corrigan transcending essay