In rediscovering Rosa’s love for him and his relationship with Tommy, Joe has the freedom to live. They aimed them at a much older readership—college students—and it was very successful. The waiter is Ebling. Joe works closely with his cousin Sammy to create this superhero, which is inspired in equal parts by the unique backgrounds of these cousins. Over time, Rosa and Sammy develop a strong partnership, churning out comic books the way Joe and Sammy did. The quality of the product has declined.

The novel has many aspirations: I teach essay writing. As co-owner of Empire Comics with his brother-in-law Jack Ashkenazy , Anapol is subject to both its successes and its troubles. That was part of the problem, in a way. He had this bursting, dynamic drawing style; it looked like his characters were barely contained by the panels. Ebling plants a phony bomb at the Empire Comics office and later tries to blow up Joe and a roomful of guests at a bar mitzvah. In telling the story of Sam and Josef’s creative career, Chabon sets them within a larger story of the development of “Golden Age” superhero comics, a story populated largely by Jewish men.

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Tracy Bacon is Sammy’s great love, but Sammy turns his back on that relationship after he is sexually abused by another man. Some people were worried about sudden shortages of energy, water, or other necessities as a result of businesses not being prepared and chose to stock up on supplies.

Jack Ashkenazy, the brother of Sheldon Anapol’s wife as well as Anapol’s business partner in Empire Comics, has bad taste in everything from literature to clothing. In July, he learns about a German station, Jotunheim, which is occupied by a lone geologist named Klaus Mecklenburg.

kavalier and clay essay topics

I decided to keep it a secret. But when Thomas drowns at sea, Joe has a crisis of faith, and he is engulfed by his own fear of failure.

Alex fantasizes about eluding the terms of his own history and healing clsy physical and emotional wounds of both his and Jonathan’s families. This denial nearly destroys Sammy’s spirit; when he and Joe are reunited after twelve years, Joe describes Sammy as haggard. When I was writing tlpics, I began to feel that there was going to be more to this book than just superheroes, that somehow it was going to tie into a lot of other stuff having to do with Jewish folklore.


For a moment, he believes he sees his father.

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The war eventually ends, but Joe’s guilt over abandoning them and fear of rejection obscure the way back to the only family he has left. I was so sick and tired of it.

How did this story affect cay opinion of comic books or graphic novels? But on the whole Chabon has produced a great and very American novel, which feels both intimate and worldly.

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When Rosa and Joe are reunited, they easily pick up where they left off, happy and in love. He stays up all night thinking about it, borrowing the Studebaker to drive around in the early morning. I teach essay writing. Joe is the novel’s real-life escapist. Joe struggles with the love and identity of his family throughout the novel: In the early chapters of the novel, Chabon describes how Josef’s escape is made possible by the rediscovery of the body of Rabbi Loew’s famous Golem of Prague.

It doesn’t matterbecause right now, see, at this very moment, we have a bandwagon rolling, I’m telling you. Knowledgeable factoids pretty much rule out an aged Sammy or Josef, since we learn things they do not know.

Joe’s uncanny abilities are not overstated to the point of magic realismbut he is as supernatural and heroic as the characters he illustrates for his comic books. As such, the Golem is commensurate with comic book superheroes and with comic books themselves as artifacts of “escapist” Jewish creativity in the fecund commercial world of American pop culture.


He is less aware of worrying as his loved ones are absorbed into the chaos of war, beyond Joe’s reach.

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Josef also realizes the fact that superhero comics may promote dangerous fantasies of the kind of violent revenge that fuel the Nazi assault on Jews. But despite Chabon’s efforts in applying a kind of thematic reconciliation to match the characters’ scenes of reconciliation at the end of the novel, the reincursions of the Golem into the conclusion of the novel seem a sudden and therefore somewhat clumsy and unconvincing narrative device, particularly for a writer who is usually so consummately in command of his plot.

Tommy is the one who rescues Joe by forcing him out into public where he can reunite with Sammy. Michael Chabon pronounced shay-bon was born May 24,in Washington, D.

Think of Huck and Jim diving into the Mississippi, in a colorful explosion of white foam and splintered wood, just as their raft is destroyed by a steamboat. Tommy successfully schemes to bring Joe back to his family when Joe has lost his way. Coming over from the old country, changing his name like that. The flip side of that is that the comics were actually investigated by the feds; you have a scene about that towards the end of the book.

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