I work from home — my mac has just failed and I have been advised that they blocked my backups because I was over my data limit — I purchased the unlimited package for that reason — this company CAPS a unlimited package — be very sceptical about this company — false advertising. Just avoid these people and spread the word. My 2 cents on JustCloud I once lost all of my photos and documents because my computer completely crashed, I was almost devastated over the lose of my pictures I have a lot of pictures with memories of my grandfather and grandmother whom both had passed away. I have been trying unsuccessfully for a year to get JustCloud to restore my files. On the face of it, their plans look reasonable and they even offer discounts for committed users, but if you need some of their extra services, JustCloud may not be the most affordable choice. The files are in the same location on my computer but the fresh install of Windows has confused your software.

This and other problems went on and on, and finally I managed to reinstalled the program in one of 2 computers. This data still existed on the server but the files themselves were gone. Our Mission WebHostingMedia is webmaster news portal that helps its users to find the web hosting plan they need. Maybe the code is similar to malware. For example, for automated, scheduled backups the maximum file size is set to 1GB. JustCloud even accused a private user of using the service for business, then proceeded to increase the price of its service without permission. I signed up for ZipCloud over about two years ago.


Literally any other will be a better deal than JustCloud.

justcloud business plan

Why keep the file meta-data on the server creating the false impression that the files are still present if they are not? Check this box to confirm you are human. They have taken my money and not given the service offered in return, by any possible definition.

It is very simple to use. Support care or concern…. The Amazon S3 program is known for being reliable, and this shows within the program. Not to mention the files and data I have lost. My favorite part about JustCloud is busines fact that I am able to save any type of file.

Premium Plan GB Storage. When I downloaded it again, I got an email from them saying that I had unauthorized uploads that were not paid for in my subscription. Avoid them, they are not reputable. To add insult to injury, JustCloud refused to refund me for the remainder of my subscription by stating that I have already passed the 14 days review date!

JustCloud Review – Updated

I suspect they will go out of business and leave a lot of people hanging. Do not go anywhere near them. This is the absolute worst backup service. However, it seems I had an easier time cancelling than one of the previous reviewers.

You can share files using JustCloud, but only with other JustCloud users. I contacted support and they got it working for about 1 hour. Compare with other alternatives: When I called asking for a refund, the person i was talking to was extremely rude, and when I asked for a manager, the same guy just… had a better accent, but it was the same guy.


JustCloud Review

Just Cloud is a fraud. Just Cloud take no responsibility for taking care of your files!!

Please do not subscribe with just cloud, try to find other provider. This way I can show family members my pictures of my children and our family vacation pictures if they are not with me. Should you use JustCloud?

I started out using the premium pack. JustCloud does little to stand out from the crowd.

justcloud business plan

Hard to believe a site that chooses this one as a winner. I have been reading of similar issues that go back years. Justcloud Review Do yourself a favor and avoid JustCloud JustCloud offers a disappointing experience that could possible turn disastrous. After that I have to move it to a folder on my computer flagged for back up with JustCloud then wait for it to upload to my back up folder in JustCloud server.

Pro Personal GB Storage. All of this leads me to think to myself:. There are thousands out there like me that this company bussiness scammed. This means that in order to save any changes you make, you will need to manually add the file to JustCloud all over again. If you have JustCloud installed, you might want to run a malware check on your machine.