I have been waiting for over two months now for this company to restore files which I have been paying them to back up. And nobody bothered to inform me that my files are not being backed up anymore! I backed up my computer and ran test recovery. After a while it is fairly easy to get used to them. Customers are finding out, will find out, one by one as they attempt to restore a deleted file that the file is gone. Premium Plan GB Storage. I can see all the files on their site but they have been unable to retrieve them.

I have unticked the automatic renewal box but still they send me emails telling me it will automatically renew unless I cancel. Stay away from this company. Despite this, there would still be a notice that I was out of space and needed to purchase more. I guess by backing up Excel files I am a business. Premium Plan GB Storage.

I have used JustCloud for about 4 years and like its ease of use.

justcloud business plan

Now they just ask for money to renew my account. I have basically paid this company for absolutely nothing over the past 4 years. My virus protection even said their program was a problem and kept trying to block it.

Steer clear at all costs. Why keep the file meta-data on the server ubsiness the false impression that the files are still present if they are not?

Their web site has a button to stop automatic renewal payments, but guess what, I does not work. It was satisfactory so I set backup and was from time to time just checking message that it ran successfully.


JustCloud Review – Updated

Be aware that they deactivated the key to cancel automatic renewals on their website!!! Unlimited no longer means unlimited. I have spent well over a month going back and forth with a dozen people there to restore 90GB of my files from 5 devices that they lost and they eventually stopped responding- except to ask me to pay my bill!

Customers are finding out, will find out, one by one as they attempt to restore a deleted file that the file is gone. businesss

justcloud business plan

Many back up programs that I have come across in the past have kept me from saving multiple file types, therefore forcing me to convert them or not save them at all. After several attempts to try to get the product working i have given up and taken my business to CrashPlan, which is a much more reputable product. I have noticed that the only time it will back up is if you open the app.

I tried reinstalling the program only to have my anti-virus inform me that the installation file is a Trojan of the Artemis variation, and the site which the software is downloading from is not trustworthy. All of this leads me to think to myself:. I backed up my bjsiness and ran test recovery. I finally got them to issue a refund in full it took PayPal to do it and cancelled my account.

I recently purchased a new laptop to replace an aging model. I have been reading of similar issues that go back years. Their tech support is incompetent, slow to respond. I suspect they will go out of business and leave a lot of people hanging.


They have been unable to retrieve any of my files after a hard drive crash. I work from home — my mac has just failed and I jistcloud been advised that they blocked my backups because I was over my data limit — I purchased the unlimited package for that reason — this busuness CAPS justclouv unlimited package — be very sceptical about this company — false advertising. I can make it private so only the client the pictures is meant for can see it and they can share it with their friends.

JustCloud Review

I used JustCloud for a couple of years before cancelling a while back. Then the calls started. I have just been told that I reached my limit at 1TB despite signing up for an unlimited deal.

This is the most disgraceful justclud I have ever encountered, of incompetence and lack of any kind of responsibility. Maybe the code is similar to malware. Over the last couple of years I have found JustCloud administration systems to be very poor and I have successfully challenged attempts to over charge me.

justcloud business plan

Never recovered my files. All of this leads me to think to myself: I agree with all the poor assessments. To increase the set maximum file size, you need to choose an add-on service that renews annually.