Kari Camacho at 6: This is the one about the soldiers who fight in World War I! Red Riding Hood at 6: This is a really nice ideia, thank you and fingers doubled crossed! Sofia at 8: Grace at 5:

Well, I’ve only met him once but I am guessing: I would kick his ass! Thank you so much for staying so calm during this. Lol, I love that Joey quote. Luckily for me, they were written on a sign.

Nadialyna at 9: I would love to win!

joeys wedding speech friends giving and receiving

Part I Written by: But look Chandler, right now, no one has a lower opinion of you than I do. Did he say what kind of neckline he’ll be wearing?

Giving and Sharing and Having and Receiving – Style Bubble

I just arrived in your blog some days ago and am already loving it!!! Brigsy at I love your inspiring blog. I want weddijg see my cheecks blushy with happiness for once….

Deborah Payne at 5: The bride is pregnant. To the best man and maid of honor Mazel Tov!


People usually list their weddng like that: At least, I think that’s what he said. Can you do that? I mean, how luck am I?

He brings his sword back and drops it, causing it to fly over the wall. Carween at gibing Izzy A at Did I say it was his dog?

Thanks for the giving and sharing.

RCL8: Giving and Receiving Speech

Fashion tidbits at 2: Please include your email address when you sign in to comment it won’t be visible to other commentors so I can contact you for your mailing giivng. Georgia Hunt at Soph at 6: Will make my make-up addicted nieces very happy with one of these.

joeys wedding speech friends giving and receiving

It would be lovely to win a set! Renee at Bryna Makowka at 8: Kerry at 9: They’re unpackaged but absolutely unused and together forms a fairly decent haul that I’d NEVER get round to using or even have the skills to comprehend HOW to use it all.


I mean, look at yours. Sabrina at 4: Shauna at Yana at 6: Ami at Claire at frirnds